Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm The Girl With The Plan - Sort Of

You may not have noticed, but on Wednesdays my posts are almost always tagged with "something for you." That's because I try to find something interesting and inspiring from the web to share with you each Wednesday. I don't always manage it, life is too full for that, but I do it fairly often. And, boy am I excited about what I have for you tomorrow. Anyway...

I am an organized person who likes the concept of schedules. I am also not so organized and disciplined that I actually stick to those schedules. What I like is the framework that a schedule gives me. I always think of them as a guide for my day, my parenting responsibilities, or in this case, my blog.

Because I know you are waiting with baited breath, here's my loose blog schedule.

Monday - Alphabetica; see sidebar
Tuesday - Team Lawson, Being Momma; or other family matters, as the mood strikes
Wednesday - Something for You; sharing something I discovered and want to pass along

Thursday - Good Things Thursday; see sidebar
Friday - every schedule needs open spaces
Saturday - Cup of Blessings; a weekend wish for you along with some eye candy
First day of the month - Feels Like; a Flickr mosaic project where I try to capture the feel of the month in pictures

Like I said, my schedules help me keep track of what I want to do and how I want to organize my life. I plan out my __________ (insert appropriate responsibility here) Schedule when I have time to contemplate and plan well. I work within it pretty strictly at first and change it as needed. Then, when life gets busy - I already have a plan that works for me and that I like. But, I feel fully free to abandon it at any moment should a better option present itself.

I have many, many schedules. My classroom obviously requires a pretty well planned schedule. And, that I generally stick to it. I also have a household chores schedule, a big projects schedule, a little projects schedule, a schedule of summer responsibilities for Sloane, the same for me, and even a date night schedule. Most of them are really lists with date and time suggestions. (I do believe I have mentioned before that I am a real list lover.)

I'm not sure why I thought you would find this interesting. I guess I am sharing it because I find it interesting. So, here are my questions for you: Do you have schedules, too? Do you love 'em, hate 'em, or ignore 'em? Maybe a more important question: Do you even spend time thinking about things like this?

The image above is Sloane's daily summer responsibilities schedule/ list thingy. She had a great time picking out the clipart. We laminated it so that she can check off each chore and we can clean it off each night to be ready for tomorrow. Sorry the picture is wonky. I don't have the software yet to make a document a JPEG, but if you click on it you can view it very large. Anyway, if you like it and want to use it as a template for your own, just email me and I will send it to you.


Laura said...

I need a schedule! Then I need some mental fortitude and physical energy thrown in so I can stick to it!

I will take this idea under advisement and try to incorporate it into my activities of daily living!!

I found this post very interesting!

Jessica said...

I love schedules! I need one, or at least a very firm plan, in order to be happy. All my friends know they can't call me up and say, "Let's do something today," because I will call them every five minutes until the plan is firm! Maybe an area for growth for me is learning to be spontaneous and flexible!

tangobaby said...

I ignore, avoid and do not plan unless it is for something fun like an event or a trip! Which is really terrible considering that I spend my working life planning and scheduling for someone else so he can do his job.

Maybe that's why I don't do my own schedules. I'm scheduled out.

I guess I'm going to keep on winging it unless I can get you to come out here and help me.


dutchbaby said...

Your schedule for Sloane is downright inspiring. She is one lucky girl who is having fun without even noticing that her mom is teaching her important life skills. You are gifted as a mother and a teacher! Thank you for the inhspiration.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You are going to be busy Darlin! Me, I am more of a kinda let it happen when it happens.(especially this week!) But we need both kinds ~ don't we? Thanks for all the times you have helped me "roll." Blessings, Katie

Jaime said...

I don't know if I'm much of a schedule kind of person (except for my teaching schedule), but I am more of a list maker. All kinds of lists. And when I write lists, I don't feel satisfied unless there are lot's of things on my lists...therefore, the lists never get completed!
Even many of my posts are written in a loose list form.

robin-bird said...

hmmm...i am thinking i have already demonstrated on my own blog that i have some problems with having an organized mind. i love order. i get hives if there is too much clutter. i purchase little notebooks and pads of paper in order to make list and they all pile up in the kitchen drawer only being used for slap dash grocery lists. i tell you when i was working full time, with a lot of responsibilities i was able to accomplish far more domestically than i do now. i think about getting things accomplished all the time. i fret about not having lists and i wish wish i had someone who would walk around with me wherever i go giving instructions. i would really appreciate that.

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