Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Things Thursday, Week 11

This week's Good Thing is just a quick and easy tip. It's so easy it seems a little silly to post about it. But, then I think of Martha's Good Things. I frequently slap my head and give a mental "Duh! Why didn't I think of that?" when I read her tips. This post comes to you in the same forehead-slapping spirit.

Have you ever noticed that Target has an amazing book section? Unless I really have time to browse, I often find more that I want to read there than I do at my local Border's. I am also cheap and refuse to purchase a book I haven't read yet. What if it isn't good? Too big a risk. I am a girl with a limited book budget. I am also a girl with limited time, and I don't intend to spend it in Target with a paper and pen writing down every title I think looks interesting. I never go anywhere without my cell phone or my digital camera. This means that I have two cameras in my pocket at all times.

You see where I'm going here don't you? Your camera isn't only a tool for preserving memories and capturing special moments. It can also be a memory device. I snapped a ton of pictures in the book section of Target, came home, and went request-happy on my library website.
Now, that's a good thing!


Caroline said...

OMG...that is so smart!!!!

Jessica said...

I use the camera a lot at work and take pictures of steps to make something so the kids can use the pics for a memory tool. I, of course, do this all the time as well! I never thought of doing that with book titles tough-a real GREAT THING!!! Target does have a great book section-I always find one or two really awesome titles there!

dutchbaby said...

As a publisher, I applaud this great suggestion!

I discovered the Target book department about two years ago when I was looking for my next book club selection. I met two other book club ladies there and we spent about twenty minutes rattling off great book titles to each other - it was awesome. I've also had great success finding books for my 14-yr-old son there. Their young adult section is fairly small so they only carry the best of the best. In fact, that's where I discovered Hugo Cabret.

I'd like to add, if you don't have a camera on you, you can always write down the ISBN number - it's always above the barcode on the back of the book. Every library and book website can search using this unique number.

Eilandkind said...

Thank you that is a great idea.

susanna said...

I'll have to visit my local Target to see what their book department looks like. In the meantime, I'm oohing over the book covers in your photograph. Pretty!

Beth said...

I DO the SAME thing !!! I've always had my kids with me for me to say, "remind me blah blah blah" and they always did !!

But now that they have their own lives at 20 and almost 17 and are rarely with me, using my camera comes in soooo handy !!

I even use the notebook and calendar sometimes on my phone, as I just can't remember things anymore !!

What am I going to do when I'm 80??

Even today, we had to movie the TV cabinet out at the cottage to work on the wires behind it....and what did I do ?....I took a photo of how I had the top of it decorated so I could get everything back in it's place....soooo helpful !!!

robin-bird said...

you are slap my forehead smart! and the magazine section can be quite good as well :)

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