Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bloggy Love

The picture above is of a stack of gifts from dear and thoughtful friends.
Each one of the gifts was given for no particular reason - just love.
Nothing makes my day like a present. But, a gift just because?
That really makes my day. I love you Dulcy, Dad,
Tangobaby and Margaret. Thank you again and again!

I've been thinking about how we all have to do lists, even if we don't write them down. Being a list maker, I have several to do lists. One of them should be titled, the I-know-it's-not-pressing-but-get-on-with-it-will-ya? list. Today is my day to get on with it. I am going to finally catch up on note writing, bloggy love, goodie mailing, and sunglasses shopping. By the end of today, I will no longer be behind. Let's hope this lasts for at least a day. I have been to the post office for stamps and to finally mail out little gifts to several friends. I've been to the library for books on CD and guidebooks for our Chicago trip. I've been on a hunt for great sunglasses. I settled for good, but cheap. Oh well. This post is part of getting on with it. Today I'll attempt to catch up on all bloggy love I need to send out into the world. Please bear with me - it won't be as dull as errand running. Really.

Book For Summer & A Contest

I regularly read The Longstockings blog, which is a must-read if you are a fan of young adult literature. A recent post about a contest prompted me to tell you about this wonderful young adult novel, just in time for summer. If you love baseball and love stories, this book is for you. If you know what it is like to be a fan or to love something bigger than yourself, this book is for you. If you remember what teen-aged love is like, this book is for you. If you want a chance to win two tickets to see the Cubs at Wrigley Field, this book is for you.

Arte y Pico Award

My dear friend Katie gave this award to me. It gave me a thrill because I have never thought of myself as particularly creative. I have always been an art lover with hands that just don't work very well. (Not kidding about that. I have fine motor skill issues.) Blogging has given me my first real creative outlet and has helped me feel creative instead of just hearing the teacher-voice in my head saying, "You know there are as many ways of being creative as there are birds in the sky." Katie makes me feel creative. In passing along this award, I'd like to honor those who are creative in ways I can never be; people who create with their hands, imagination, and a few craft supplies. Here are the winners in alphabetical order. (Winners, please click here for award guidelines.)

~ Art Tea Life ~ Sandy is a woman who can do it all: drawing, photo shopping, bead work, altered art... You name it, and I am fairly certain she can do it.

~ Dulcy's Doorstep ~ My friend Dulcy is a hooker, rug hooker that is. Each rug she creates is her own design. They are simple and evocative; a modern piece of Americana. They are beautiful.

~ Feathered Nest ~ Dawn is one of the most creative women I know. Everything she touches turns to beauty.

~ Maude and Mozart ~ Laura is a wonderful collage/stamp artist whose work has been featured in Sommerset magazine. Her blog is always full of vintage goodness plus movies and books that are sure to please.

~ Scrumdilly-do! ~ There's nobody like JEK. Her blog is nothing short of craftylicious!

Brillante Weblog Award

Sweet Yoli, of the wondrous eye and gentle heart, chose to pass this terrific award along to me. I feel honored, pleased, and slightly giddy. When you have a blog you are continually opening your heart and life; placing yourself on display and hoping that you will find people who "get" you. To be given an award like this makes me feel that I have found kindred spirits. With that in mind, I would like to pass this award along to some of those kindred spirits. Please click here for award guidelines.)

~ Bird Tweets ~ Robin is a woman of many talents: photographer, writer, computer collage artist, cook, people-lover, but most of all - questioner. More than any other blog, Robin's posts trigger quiet contemplation. My comments to her have often been the start of posts for my own blog. Always, her questions help me to know myself better.

~ Books I Love In A Cozy Spot ~ Yes, this is my daughter's blog. Obviously, she is a kindred spirit. I also think it takes an amazing kid to have her own blog at six. The blog really is all her own. All I do is type and upload pictures.

~ Blue Yonder ~ Some days Stefani makes me laugh. Some days I nod in agreement. Some days I grin in rueful acknowledgement. Some days I cry because she has expressed mother-love so well.

~ Doors Are Everywhere. Open Them ~ Beth is a wife, a mother, a philosopher, an artist, a poet. Spending time in her world will expand your own. You will be glad you stopped by.

~ Gypsy Girl's Guide ~ When I think of Alex, I think of courage. Alex is a brave wanderer. She is a woman who knows what she wants from life and reaches for it with grace and generosity.

~ My Little Life ~ Jerusalem is one talented lady. Every time I visit her, I am inspired by something new she is trying, creating, doing. She lives with passion and creativity while raising two delightful little boys.

~ Rhayne ~ Jaime is a poet. With her camera. With her pen. Spending time with her is like wading in a creek on a scorching summer day; peaceful and soothing and just what you needed.

I hope you will enjoy visiting all these wonderful blogs. I know there are many, many more amazing blogs out in blog land. I can't wait to discover them. Blessings to you and yours.


Caroline said...

If you need some ideas on Chicago...give me a holler...I just moved from there. Boy do I miss the pizza! I know some great "off the beaten path" restaurants and places to go.

tangobaby said...

My darling Relyn, you and I had the same kind of day. I got to do a good deed (actually two), run some errands, and it was nice to get some things accomplished.

But now I have some more things to do: check out these lovely blogs.

I am smiling about the top book in the photo you've shown us...have you had a chance to read it yet?


Claire said...

What a lovely post! I see lots of loved familiar names, and some new people to check out. Thank you!


The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Relyn, you are such an angel, thank you for such an honor dear friend!!! I accept this award humbly and regret that I cannot pass it along as I love HUNDREDS of blogs now and could never just select a few. You are so sweet to me always, always having the nicest things to say ~ thank you for that! I hope that sweet Sloane had a wonderful time sleeping under the stars! xxoo, Dawn

One Crabapple said...

oh my oh my oh MY
The Red Carpet is OUT over at Relyn's Todayyy !

And me just in time to grab tea out of that delicious vintage jade fireking cup....! (love those)

Relyn I am humbled by the company you have put me in here. Laura one of my first bloggy buddies definitely deserves it, Feathered Nest ! She lurks my blog I see sometimes (((laughing)))and I lurk back over to hers ! Now look at us at the podeium together this way ! I didn' t know DULCEY but I am dying to know more about her hooked rugs, and I had NEVER been to Scumpdilly before. I am wanting to get back over and check her out.

Thank You. For your intelligent comments you leave on my blog, even when I dont get over to visit You...and for taking the time and energy to even TRY to get me. I am not sure I can live up to your kind words here...ahem ! a little over the top Darling , but I am blushing head to toe...

THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DAY and passing the torch from Your Own Much Deserved Award.

Now I have to go check out those Brillante Weblog Awards people too !

Jaime said...

Relyn...thank you so much for such a beautiful post. You say such lovely things about the people who touch your heart. You have deeply touched mine.
I look forward to discovering some other creative souls through the links you have brought to us here.

Beautiful you...I hold you dear, with such gratitude.


Beth said...

Thank you thank you thank are so sweet and you write such wonderful comments everytime you stop by my blog....and now this award....well, I honestly feel honored !!!

I swear....a mission that I'm adding to my "mission list" is getting a whole bunch of us together to meet in person....really, it is a dream of mine that I think we can make work !!!

I keep thinking Chicago would be a great "meet in the middle" location, but with Sandy being in California...well, that would be GREAT too...I mean sun, ocean air and beaches....does it get any better???

But seriously, I want to make this happpen....who else is "IN" with me ????

And Relyn....thank you sooooo much again !!!

susanna said... many really good links! I recognize several names - yes, they're good blogs! - along with a few new ones I have yet to visit - and will soon!

And I like the title of your to do list - the "I-know-it's-not-pressing-but-get-on-with-it-will-ya?" list. Hah! I certainly have one of those lists, too! :)

Dulcy said...

Thank you so much Relyn! What a nice message to come home from "Wild Wyoming" to.

Love and miss you.......xoxo

Gypsy Alex said...

Finally I made it here! I told you I would :) Thank you so much for your sweet words... It's a real gift to be part of your circle of love around the fire! Off to do my morning rounds visiting the amazing links you offered here. Gypsy Hugs ~

robin-bird said...

how on earth did i miss this??! thank you! thank you! you are so lovely in your description of my blog. i appreciate meeting you too and all that you add to my rich blogging life. i will visit each and every one of these blogs you have recommended with such care. i can't imagine that any of them will anything short of wonderful!

sweet relyn. xoxoxoxox

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