Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That Old Momma Magic

Momma Magic.

There's nothing quite like it in the world. There is Momma Magic in a healing kiss and in the way a mom often knows when something is on her child's mind. It's the dad-gum-eyes-in-the-back-of-her-head and the way she always knew when you were up to no good. There is magic in a momma's hands. This is why her cookies are the sweetest and why only her cool hands on your feverish forehead will do. Momma Magic explains all your perfectly perfect birthday parties and how the Christmas gift you longed for but never requested ended up under the tree. It is why we can believe in magic past childhood, long after Santa and the Tooth Fairy are memories.

My favorite Momma Magic is the wish-granting kind. Oh, yes. I perform that kind of magic as often as possible. It takes some practice at first and some effort to get into the wish-granting habit. It requires a strong sense of play and being open to unlimited possibility. Wish-granting requires a busy momma to be willing to toss aside her to do list and just be. It requires a sense of wonder and a good memory for all the magic of childhood. I think it's a purposeful kind of magic to chose to say, "Yes!" instead of "Maybe later." Wish granting means that you listen, really listen, and when your child idly says, "Wouldn't it be fun if we ______________?", you say, "Well, let's go!"

That's powerful magic indeed. Strong enough to create a foundation of love that will carry a little one through all the storms of this earth. Real Magic.

Right now Sloane is in the backyard in the dark in a hammock, covered in bug spray and blankets, enjoying sleeping outside - all alone. Here's how it happened.

Earlier tonight Sloane and I were outside enjoying the magic hour. We were swinging in the hammock, catching fireflies, playing on the swing set, and singing. Oh my! How we did sing. After it was dark we snuggled together on the hammock for Bible story and prayers. After that, we lay there together just being quiet.

After a bit, Sloane said, "Momma, I wish I could spend the night in the hammock."

I said, "Me too. Maybe we can do that one night this week."

"No. Not us. Just me. All by myself."

"Tonight? All by yourself?"

"Yes. All by myself. It would be so cool."

Bibibity Bobbity Boo! ...Wish granted.

The first image created by andrea.b. I took all the rest tonight. For more photo magic click here and here.


Caroline said...

I live in the city and would love nothing more than to go and sleep in a hammock... Lovely...you are magic!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Momma...you're wonderful!! What a sweetheart Sloane is too, she's just adorable sleeping out there. Sweet dreams Sloane, maybe the fairies will sleep with you! xxoo, Dawn

Eilandkind said...

So sweet, magic memories...

dutchbaby said...

You don't just understand what Momma Magic is, you ARE Momma Magic! I love the photos, especially the second one of Sloane that shows her dwarfed by her pillow, marching resolutely into the darkness, into independence.

tangobaby said...

I think I might have already mentioned this one, but now I have officially decided that I want you to adopt me and you should be my mom.

Can you have a child that is older than you are? I am not good at cleaning my room but I promise I will always be devoted to you.

(I adore this post. Sloane is the luckiest little girl!)

robin bird said...

i just love the comment above by tangobaby. it has often been a secret wish i harbor...to have some of the most unlikely persons be my mother. i have never ever told anyone for whom i hold that wish for. i'm not sure why...for fear of...of....well i 'm not sure what fear makes me shy of that desire. oh but i am glad tango baby said it for me!

the pictures of sloane are beyond sweet. they made me laugh in the most delighted way!

studio wellspring said...

what a sweet wonderful magical lady you are! i am storing this in the "how to be a good mom" keepsake folder for future reference. thank you for being such a cherished inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

Relyn is the most wonderful mother I have ever known. I am so grateful to God that she is the mother of my sweet daughter. Sloane is the most blessed child in the world. Relyn was so beautiful with her last night. I went out to check on Sloane about midnight, and she was sleeping so peacefully.

Relyn's Husband

Jessica said...

You are the best Mama! When I was Sloane's age I used to love to sleep in the tent in my back yard and those are some of my most cherished memories! It looks like Sloane had a great time sleeping amongst the fireflies and under the moon!

Caroline said...

Thanks for stopping by...I sent you an email with lot's of Chicago info.
BTW...it was this post that inspired me to write my 1 hour fantasy! It just took me to a place I wanted to go... I can't wait to read yours!

The Lil Bee said...

I absolutely LOVE that top photo. And your daughter is precious:)

Oldies, but Goodies