Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chicago, part two

Chicago is one beautiful city. Just look at the picture I snapped while rolling along in the trolley near the Field Museum. Oh my!

Popsicle blue looks so good on you, baby.

Thanks again to all of you readers who generously shared insider information that added so much pleasure to our trip. One of those tips let me know about the water play at Millennium Park. Thanks, Ken , from one happy little girl and her tickled-pink Momma.

I think a lot of us could learn a lesson from my little one. Here's how to make a friend. Remember, you have to be a little brave. Gather your courage. Smile. Walk up to a stranger who looks a little bewildered or lonely and say, "Want to play?"

photo by Jackie Chrisner
Be sure to take a little time during your play to stop and have a chat.

And, if you are as lucky as I, there might just be a grandma nearby to catch time by the tail. You may well end up with a perfect picture of a perfect moment in the life of a happy child.

We all had so much fun at Millennium Park; Sloane and her new friend, her camera-happy Momma, her heavy-laden Daddy, and her time-catching Ibu.

Sloane is now officially a Piano ROCK STAR who has played to literally tens of people on the streets of Chicago.

photo by Jackie Chrisner
This incredible puppeteer really knows how to make a little girl's day. I took a video with my camera. I'll post it here if it turns out.

flexible thinking

as dusk falls

Next up, a report from American Girl.
Sloane asked me to wait so that she could do a post, too.
Hope your summer is full of wonderful, photo-full adventures.

I took all the photos except teh two most perfect ones. Those were all my Mom's doing. And, since I'm in a Chicago mood, here's a song and dance I love.


Caroline said...

So so so homesick now!!! Love your pictures...it just reminds me of my first home. I do love that bean, I mean "cloud gate". Thanks for sharing!

robin bird said...

wow you really did come back with some memories and photos to prove it. she looks so at ease that sloane does. a natural at kindness and reaching across the divide. it's fun seeing the city from your perspective relyn :) keep those photos coming. but we can be patient while you gather up your thoughts and photos for a post of your own sloane.

p.s. the video will be really fun to see!

Jessica said...

It looks like a great trip so far! I love that picture of Sloane and her popsicle face!!! And a piano rock star, too!!! I cannot wait to hear all about American Girl Place.

My Castle in Spain said...

I love the pictures of Sloane and her little friend. She seems to have such a good time !!

so lots of shopping ? ah...the good life ! :-)

Michelle said...

What great photos! I love the blue popscicle mouth. It matches her eyes. I also love the one of her with her new friend. We should all be that open, carefree, and accepting! Thanks for sharing.

paris parfait said...

These are fabulous photos! I especially love the ones of your daughter and her new friend and the one with her looking at the puppet. Such joy in these photos! And your summer mosaic is terrific too.

tangobaby said...

You and your mom did such a great job of capturing the moments. Sloane is SO cute!

I'm glad you all had such a good time.

studio wellspring said...

what lovely adventures y'all ahd ~ thanks so much for sharing the sweetness with us. and i'm so glad you're back! xo!

Eilandkind said...

You are an inspiration.
Your little girl is so beautiful and I love the photo where you can see her new friend's face.
Wonderful mosaics...

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