Monday, August 11, 2008

G is for...

* God * gratitude * gardens: flower, vegetable, rock * Google * gracious Southern charm * geography * grandiose dreams * gullible teenagers * green: cadmium, forest, lime, moss * Great Lakes * grapes, frozen * gallant gentlemen * Great Gatsby * garlic * gramophones * games: Blokus, Mennonite Madness, Encore, Scrabble, Kerplunk * goobers in RC Cola * giants falling from beanstalks * Glasgow * grace * glistening skin * Galileo * genetics * guffaws * ginkgo trees * golliwogs * glassware * generosity * genuineness * gladness * Giving Tree * gilt * gladiolas * golem* grumpy, grizzled old men * Golden Gate Bridge * gentle movements * gumballs * gooey brownies * graduation day * gondola * glowing candles, lamps, lanterns * Gustavo Dudamel, conductor * get-away car * gravity * gear – specific stuff for a particular passion * geisha * guilty pleasures: 80s hair bands, romantic comedies * garnet red * galloping wild horse * graphic design * garbage service * grape Popsicles * gumption * gibbous moons * Greta Garbo, actress * grilled asparagus * gasp of pleasure * gorillas * grosgrain ribbon * Grease * garden gates * green, green grass of home *

Don't you just love the alphabet?

To see more work from these excellent photographers, click the individual links. G by Leo Reynolds. Gondola by Andrea Rinaldi. Golden Gate Bridge by Wiggumo3. Galloping wild horses by Dan65. To find out more about the Alphabetica project, see the sidebar. To see the entire project so far, click on the Alphabetica label at the end of this post.


Jessica said...

I just LOVE the Giving Tree. It is my favorite childhood ( and adult) book. It should be required reading for everyone!

Eilandkind said...

I love your alphabet and the music on your site..

Caroline said...

Just made grilled asparagus this weekend! Mmmmmm. I love this!

tangobaby said...

First off, please tell me what is a goober?! And what happens to them in soda? (I vaguely remember RC soda out here.)

Gondola, yes. Now I have to watch my gondola video again. But golem? Ooh, that is scary!

Guilty pleasures, can I add a few: Funyuns, watching movies in the middle of the day, and pina coladas.

My Castle in Spain said...

Grace is my favorite but it must not be too far from away from gratitude
and generosity

and at this time of the year, yes...i would love to read the Great Gatsby again or watch the movie


paris parfait said...

Oh! I remember my aunt having peanuts in RC Colas, when I was a little girl! Such eclectic uses for the letter "G!"

tangobaby said...

Will someone please explain to me about the peanuts and the soda?

I have had drinks with tapioca and even beans in them but I don't get the peanut/soda thing. At all!

Anonymous said...


This is Jeffrey, Relyn's husband. Goober is what we used to call peanuts in Georgia and Tennessee when Relyn and I were kids. In the South it is kind of a tradition to drop roasted, salted peanuts into one's coke (RC Cola tastes best. For those of you not from the South, all soft drinks are cokes. It is like calling a copier a Xerox.)The coke fizzes and tastes different, and then you eat the peanuts after the coke is gone. I am not saying this is a gourmet culinary delight, but it is close. It is nostalgia from the South in which Relyn and I grew up.


tangobaby said...

LOL! Jeffrey, you are awesome! Thank you for humoring me.

I have eaten a lot of odd things in my lifetime, so I totally understand about the nostalgia. Someday I will have to try it, too. Under supervision from a Southern expert!

robin bird said...

these turn into the funnest posts my dear! i am loving julie's innocence and jeffrey's willingness to inform and educate.
xox have a green and gorgeous day!

granola and grandmother the one i love to eat the other i love to be :)

Jaime said...

Wow...I can't believe how far behind I have gotten with your posts...I'm so sorry!
Lovin the G's...giants falling from beanstalks is my fave. How wonderful! I so love childlike comforts, and because of this, all through this list I was looking for Grover. ;)
And here's the chocolate thing again...gooey brownies. Does it really get any better than that?

Wonderful wonderful list.

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