Monday, October 6, 2008

J is for...

Jeffrey * joy * jazz * jumping: for joy, on the bed, jacks * jungles * journals * jitterbug * joie de vivre * Jiminy Cricket * Joshua Kadison, singer/songwriter * Joshua Tree by U2 * Jello * juicy peaches * justice * jewels * jelly * Jitney by August Wilson * jaunty bowties * jetty * Juicy Fruit gum * jelly beans * July 4th * jury duty * jesters * jack-in-the-box * jute * jamborees * jeans * Japanese tea ceremony * jump rope rhymes * Jujubes * jerry-rigged solutions * Jonah and the whale * Jack in the Beanstalk * Jerry Lee Lewis * joust * jellyfish * jerky * jacquard tablecloth * jukebox * jewelry * joyful singing *Jesus, my savior * just-in-time blessings * Jeeps * juniper country * Jabberwocky by Lewis Carol * jack-0f-all-trades * jam on toast * junkyard dogs * jonquil yellow * jacuzzi * jade green * Jadeite * jugglers * jam sessions * Jeopardy * jet planes * jett beading * jigsaw puzzles * jockeys in jodhpurs * job security * jelly roll * jalopy * journalism * Jolly Roger * joviality * jubilee * Jupiter * jackpot winners * Jack Frost * jolly old St. Nicholas * journeys *

Don't you just love the alphabet?

To see more work from these excellent photographers, click the individual links. J by andrewflavin. Joy by javi indy. Journal by horselatitudes. Jazz by Rod Monkey. To find out more about the Alphabetica project, see the sidebar. To see the entire project so far, click the Alphabetica link at the end of this post.


Christina said...

Oh I so want to play along with you and do one of these! *just because*

; )

ELK said...

I think your blog is charming ~ blessings

Jessica said...

J is for... Joyce (Grammie), Joan (the mama) and Jessica (me!)

Caroline said...

Just perfect! Stop by...there is something for you at my blog :)

Ann said...

Hello! (Or, J-ello!)
I'm visiting via Caroline "The Zen In You".
I'm so happy to have found your space in the blogosphere. Your music choices are divine. As well as your words and pictures.
I live in Oregon. I see that you lived here for a time as well.
I'll be back!

Gillian said...

Thank you ever so much for stopping by to comment and read my post.
This blog you have here is sheer poetry :)
And your happy list...perfection.

AVT Coach said...

Oh my goodness, What a beautiful site you have. I had an immediate reaction to the calm blue and the whole design. Thank you for visiting my site and for your comments. I am an auditory verbal therapist (speech language pathologist) and I work with hearing impaired babies to teach them to listen and talk. You are welcome back to my place anytime!

Beth said...

J is for *jumping with joy* each time I come here to visit you !!!

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Oh what a wonderfully warm welcome... thank you so much. I am a dreamer too and looking forward to some flax golden tales too. Will be back Blessings Dzintra Ingrid

Jeanne said...

Joyful and jubilant that is you.
Love and hugs

willow said...

So much fun to meet you over at my place today! It does indeed look as if we are kindred spirits! I'm adding you to my blog roll, so hope you don't mind seeing more of me.

Willow x

smith kaich jones said...

I cannot BELIEVE I can't come up with another J to add to this list. It's perfect as is.

I LOVE these lists of yours!

:) Debi

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

And thank you Relyn ... and the shoes are comfortable... I'll be following your blog, Dzintra Ingrid

tangobaby said...

I just got worried that you are almost halfway through the alphabet! I was going to add jejeune but only because it makes me laugh when people say it.

Jaime said...

Another delightful list of words that roll off the tongue...jellyfish is one of my favourites. Don't know why...just one of those simple pleasures.

Have missed sorry I was gone for so long, as life got in the way. But it's so nice to be back and to see you again, dear Relyn.


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