Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Want To Post Something....

merry and bright. I really want to.


I try to keep my blog uplifting and encouraging. I try to keep my grumpies and my ickies to myself. I figure we all have enough of that in our own lives. Why spread it? But today. GEEZ!

I have been sick off and on ( more on than off) since Thanksgiving night. The only Christmas in our house is a naked tree and Sloane's bedroom Christmas tree. My daughter is feeling sad because Christmas hasn't really arrived at our house and Momma is always exhausted and vaguely cranky. Sweet Sloane has not complained one time, but I know she is longing for Christmas to be like it usually is.

I know that life is just like this sometimes. I know. But still.

Anyway. We have a full weekend ahead of us that includes a piano recital and a longed-for Christmas treat that I am afraid I am not up to. I guess I am just writing to say "Hello. Please pray for me to get well soon. Please."

Well, the least I can do is leave you with something beautiful. Know that I do appreciate you, my friends. Even when I'm sick and out of sorts, the thought of you lifts my heart.

This is just one of the many amazing pictures taken by Ben. This is the view from his apartment balcony.

Update: 12:01 AM - The tree is full o f lights (4,000 to be exact) and we decorate tomorrow. I guess sometimes you've just got to suck it up and get to work. I can't wait till Sloane sees it in the morning.

Update: 12:31 PM - The doctor took pity on me and gave me some Advair to calm this cough and help me breathe. I should make it through the weekend now with energy to spare. Thank you for your prayers.


Beth said...

feel better you poor thing.....and by any chance did the mailman come to you yet ?

ELK said...

oh dear it seems to be going around...know that as I step onto my front porch this evening and gaze up at the glorious full moon I am lifting you up..asking for a brightness like the moon to come your way to help!

spread your wings said...

Oh Relyn I do hope you get to feeling better very, VERY soon. I will pray for you and the upcoming weekend filled with treats that you will enjoy.
That is a gorgeous photo - it looks so peaceful and quite - what a view!

Wendy said...

Hi Relyn! Feel better soon... and don't worry about a thing. If most of your posts are upbeat and happy that is what people will remember. These are the moments that people will realize you're a regular person just like the rest of us. It just makes you all the more lovable, see?? :)

Suvarna said...

Oh, sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I will certainly keep you in my prayers. Today I am posting a sort of walking tour of my Neighborhood so when you feel up to it, I hope those shots will cheer you up.

Patti said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! It is so hard though at this time of year especially at school. So many of us struggle physically between Thanksgiving and Christmas- too much to do- the kids are nuts (school), obligations, meetings...PLUS all the stuff in our personal lives to be done as well. Can you tell I'm feeling the same way? Think "break"....and just try to relax and take it slow and take care of YOU or you will be sick over break as well.

Take care!!!

(Dr.- lol) Patti

dutchbaby said...

Bless you, Relyn! I hope you will be feeling much better very soon. It's easy to get overwhelmed during the holidays. With the responsiblity of creating holiday magic for everyone, it's no wonder so many women are sick this time of year.

If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know.

smith kaich jones said...

Sweetie - I hope you are better by the time you read this, but something is just going around, and I don't mean a physical thing. No one seems to have much Christmas spirit this year - I am just now beginning to reach the point where I can even think about it. We all seem to be exhausted, and I for one, am blaming the media & 2 years of nonstop pre-election coverage. :)

I am keeping you in my prayers & btw, thank you & Ben for this gorgeous photo (this is his view from his apartment? Life ain't fair!) I just posted about - at last - blues for Christmas - and this was heavenly to see.

Hang in there!

:) Debi

karey m. said...

it's sometimes way too much to be responsible for everything, you know? especially 4000 lights.

and i should know...i have two trees in our flat. one of which is prelit. one of which has heaps of lights. i love that prelit one.

but i think bad, sluggish days are better than no days, right? eek. xoxo.

{and lion king? I KNOW!}

Yolanda said...

It seems I have the ickies along with you. It only proves we are "real".Hang in there.

caren said...

Hope you are feeling's a horrible time to be sick. You are in my prayers.

robin bird said...

and you aren't yet feeling better? it's friday night, late in your world. i hope you are sleeping without the dang cough. poor you :( and such a brave soul getting 4000 lights untangled enough to string them. i love thinking about sloane's face all shining and bright with excitement when she saw that!! you are a dear soul and i thank you for sending me your comfort when you yourself needed it. i appreciate you too.

veronica said...

may your sleep tonight be refreshing and healing. hang in there!

tangobaby said...

I hope you are feeling better by now, but I know what you mean. There are some tough little bugs going around and they really catch hold of you.

I hope this weekend finds you on the way back to normal so you and Sloane can catch up on your holiday celebrations! lots of love. xoox

kateri said...

That photograph is simply the most magical thing I've seen in a long while...I want to dive in. I want to write a story about it. There is so much to see here! Delicious discovery...

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