Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Love Song


Another one of those words asked to hold far too much. Like hope and home. We love our shoes, our spouses, books, and Thai food. None of it even close to the same emotion. All of it love.

This is my love song for today.
holding hands
couples dancing
wedding dresses
construction paper hearts
glitter clinging to tiny hands
presents for no reason, but love
the truth that love always multiplies, never divides
a new journal, waiting for my words
dangling, sparkling earrings
a smile from a stranger
packed suitcases
moving water

Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends. May you be filled with love today. May you celebrate love in any form it takes. Every way you feel it. Love is in the air.

Thank you, Susan, for the inspiration. And the song. The first photo is by
Katia Chausheva, the second by Eliza Beth.


beth said...

how beautiful was this to read and look at....the way you made your words into a diamond shape...amazing !!!

spread your wings said...

you're so amazing - i love the way you put these words of love together. I hope you had a glorious day filled with love to overflowing.

Susan Tuttle said...

Happy Heart Day!!

guess what? -- I couldn't decide between pink or lime for the mirror, and then went with pink at the last minute.

you should definitely paint one in lime!


Patti said...

What a beautiful pictures and cool video Relyn~ makes me want to watch the movie. Hope you had a l
"love"-ly day!


Maithri said...

My friend,

Isnt it funny how just one line, one image, can stir something within us so deeply that it brings a tear to the eye...

For me today it was this

"Glitter clinging to tiny hands"

In the end
arent All of us,
just little ones

chasing stardust,

Sending you the sweet Melodies of today and the harmonies of tommorrow,


Dani said...

Your blog is beautiful. Enjoying my visit and bookmarking you. Take care. Dani

Anonymous said...

absolutely gorgeous valentines post. i love what you say about the word love. very wise.
and yes, i did take all the pictures in that post myself. thank you for liking them! i'm not a very skilled photographer, but i'm learning!

Jeanne said...

love you
love all you share

maddie said...


I have freckles in the summer:)

and i love your floating clouds
of peaceful energy here

may love bless all quiet corners
of your life for ever and a day:)

Christina said...

You take us to the most, beautiful places.


ELK said...

i feel the love from your space ...thanks for freely giving it!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Dear Friend,
Lovely Valentine's Post ~ great photos and the You Tube clip is wonderful! It was a nice break to come visit your blog after writing lesson plans (my st starts this week, so I want her to think I know what I'm doing). Love you and hope your weekend has been filled with magic! Katie

robin bird said...

now these are such beautiful photographs but goodness me your creative art words are wonderful. that was like doing a love puzzle i bet! that middle line especially, "love always multiplies, never divides". you are a complete romantic! me too :)

Julie Alvarez said...

I will be sending you the bird mobile you won over at Blue Yonder...
I just wanted to say HI and I will wait for Stefani to send me your adress.

Derrick said...

Hi Relyn,

You are so talented forming the word shape. I wonder how long it takes?! Lots of thoughts to keep us thinking!

I also really like the rose picture. Hope you had a great day.

joanne said...

oh so so beautiful and little word cannot possibly contain it...and yet the miracle it is to be something we just know so simply when we just

Happy day of love :)

dutchbaby said...

I adore everything about this post! The first photo is a dream and you know how I feel about peonies, but it's your picture poem that delights me most. Glitter clinging to tiny hands, packed suitcases? Absolutely!

paris parfait said...

Gorgeous images and sentiment, Relyn. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's celebration!

Tina said...

what beautiful words and photos! a joy to read!

jfrancis said...

is a two person

My Castle in Spain said...

Dear Relyn,

...and a belated happy Valentine's day to you !!!

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