Saturday, June 20, 2009

Magic In Their Pockets

The other day I read about a man in Mexico City who plays a leaf with all the precision and beauty of a traditional instrument. How lovely. Thinking about him reminded me of other people I've encountered who carry a little magic in their pocket; something special that blesses the people around them.

~ the couple at my church who show up at a hospital or a classroom and make balloon animals. Not for pay, not for advertising, just for the smiles they create.

~ the man Maddie encountered who stands on a corner and offers hugs to strangers.

~ the two girls Jeffrey and I heard singing in Portland who sounded like nothing so much as a flute duet. They were standing in a mini tunnel creating the most awe-inspiring, swelling sound. They had no hat out, no money to collect. They sang because they could. Because it was beautiful.

~ the high school girl who drew amazing pictures. Who pulled them right off the wall and gave them to Sloane when she admired them.

~ the teacher who stayed after school two days a week, for 7 months, teaching a struggling student to read. No pay, no credit, just a knowledge that children must learn to read, no matter what it takes.

~ the friend who is a magician. Who performed for free at Sloane's birthday party and for my class. Who always takes the time to learn new tricks before we get together; just because it delights us so.

~ the pastor who missed his own birthday dinner because the brother of a co-worker of a church member was in the hospital and the family needed comfort.

~ the neighbor who brings me armfuls of her perfect peonies because I love flowers, but not gardening.

~ the grandpa who is a retired builder and now spends his time building, repairing, and generally being Mr. Fix It for anyone who needs it.

~ the WalMart greeter who loves her job and shows it, not only in her smile, but in the hats and fancy dresses she wears. Every Christmas she's dressed as a Victorian caroler and her Easter bonnets rival those in New York City.

Who do you know with magic in their pockets?

Illustration by LeUyen Pham.


Meri said...

My blog friends (like you) who always brighten my day by looking for miracles and finding them.

Joanne said...

My neighbor who leaves baskets of fresh strawberries on our deck.

Musicians who grace our lives with their creativitiy and songs.

And yes. Fellow blog friends, who engage in such inspiring, thoughtful dialogue.

P.S. I did read Elizabeth Berg's Year of Pleasures, and loved it. She is one of my favorite authors, with such a way with her words. I'd say she's got magic in her pocket for all her readers to enjoy!

elk said...

you have really gotten me thinking...there are so many magic folks doing everyday things..great post friend I am so happy to visit you!

Gayle said...

What an amazing list of really good people!

Wendy said...

I love this list. It makes me think of different ways to go out and make my own magic for someone. Thanks for being so inspiring (and magical) yourself!

spread your wings said...

i do love this post. what a wonderful neighbor to have that brings you peonies.
for some reason the first one that came to mind was a little old lady at church – every single Sunday for as long as I can remember, she would pull out her bag of candy, but not until the service was over, and she would give one piece of candy to the children. they all called her the candy lady. i guess when i read your first "the couple at church..." it spurred that thought.

Gigi said...

What a beautiful post, Relyn. Now you've got me thinking that I'd like to do a similar post! Thank you for the inspiration. It seems to me that you've got some magic in your own pocket!

beth said...

I have to agree with meri on this one, as it has been my blogging tribe that has been magical to me lately...

my life would be rocky right now without the support of all of them...and of course, you!

Lubna said...

Hurrah to blog friends, who spread magic.

spudballoo said...

Oh no, it's only 8.30am and I'm having my first weep of the day. This is so moving, so tender...I love the way you wrote it.

Hmm, magic in their know I'm struggling to think of examples. I will ponder though as I know they are there...

Ah, Hans Christian need the Danny KAye one. It's so magical, shot in that 'super colour' film they used in the Olden Days. And all those lovely songs. My children adore it, and so do I!

Enjoy. Thanks for all your comments on my blog btw, it means so much to me that all you lovely blogger ladies for being so welcoming. I love it here! xx

Jeanne said...

Yes we all need MAGIC in our lives
God bless their beautiful souls.
Love you

moonshin said...

my best friend's magic...i must say, is food. no matter when or where, she always has food with her.

whenever i'm hungry or have sudden pangs for chocolate..when i am down...when i am stressed out... we will eat our hearts out and all the while share our problems too. most of the time, it went late into the wee hours of the morning.

her place doesn't look like it stores much i wonder...
maybe it's like you said, Relyn. it's magic.

thank you for sharing this post =)

eilandkind said...

Thank you for the magic of YOUR blog.
I wrote just yesterday about the magic that I experienced on Friday evening.
A friend drives around with the makings for a homemade fireworks display in his truck.
Just an old coffee container, with a few pieces of steelwool and a long piece of stainlessteel wire on a handle, in it.
He makes magic for who ever wants to see it, when they want to see it.
We can find magic anywhere, anytime and there are many beautiful souls, who are prepared to make it, be prepared for it.

Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for allowing me to think of these things. Magic in their pockets is a thought I haven't thought about. Today I will do just that and get back to you.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Marvelous list my friend! And might I add ~ A friend who pulls over on the hottest day so far and assists with tire changes and then follows us to the service station. How fortunate are we? ~ Many Blessings, Katie

spudballoo said...

BTW I emailed you your questions...we're waiting!! love from your adoring public xx

Anonymous said...

Relyn, as always you leave me smiling. :)

-Many bloggers who inspire and uplift me.
-The greeter at Wal-Mart who hugs me each time I enter and leave the store.
-My puppy who always knows how to make me smile and feel his unconditional love.

Southern Drawl said...

The beauty of life...thank you for the reminders...

paris parfait said...

Oh yes, some very magical examples here! Delightful. As for the "free hugs," there's a group of kids in the US and Europe that go to public places and offer "free hugs." I last saw them at Versailles.

Anonymous said...

my friend aba, who senses my moods from my emails and calls me up for a good chat and a laugh. we hardly ever see each other in person, but she is probably one of the people who understand me the most and am the closest to.

Jessica said...

The ones I know with magic in their pockets are my students who give me hugs every day...magical!

SE'LAH... said...

My daughter, my loved ones and friends, including special blog friends like you!

Great post.


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