Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catching Up...

Do you like memes? I think they are a fun way to get to know a blogger. Here's one that's long overdue, from my friend, Joan.

Q: What is your current obsession?

A: Organizing. During the school year everything seems to slip sideways. This summer I've been working on putting things back in order. This time, I'd like to do it well enough that perhaps we can stay organized even when school begins again.

Q: What is the very last picture that you framed?

A: A picture for Jeffrey that Julie took of me.

Q: What's for dinner?

A: You'd have to ask Jeffrey. He's the cook around here.

Q: What was the last thing you bought?

A: A butterfly wing pendant at my favorite spot. It is so beautiful but I especially loved it because the creators of these necklaces harvest already-dead butterflies from the rain forest. It's a beautiful form of recycling.

Q: What are you listening to right now?

A: This dreamy, perfect song is a new discovery, thanks to Debi.

Q: What is your favorite vacation spot?

A: Somewhere I've never been before. Always.

Q: What are you reading right now?

A: "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett

Q: What four words would you use to describe yourself?

A: Passionate, affectionate, enthusiastic, fun

Q: What is your current guilty pleasure?

A: I'm with Lala. Why feel guilty about pleasure? Instead I'll give you four tiny pleasures: blowing bubbles, petting a cat, arranging a vase of flowers, writing lists

Q: What is one thing you hope to accomplish this summer?

A: Learn how to transfer my home videos from tape to dvd

Q: Where are you planning to travel next?

A: St. Louis for a weekend in October. For Jeffrey's birthday, I got all three of us tickets to see Yo Yo Ma. Can't wait!

Q: What was the best thing you ate or drank recently?

A: grilled asparagus with a bit of black pepper

Q: What is your favorite thing about summer?

A: small-town carnies & not wearing a watch from the day school gets out to the day it begins again

Q: What is your one favorite word these days?

A: Yes!

What about you? Play along if you like. I'd love to hear your answers.

Photograph above by
Julie Blackmon. Believe it or not, I fell in love with this photograph in a local gallery about 5 or 6 years ago. It was $150, but I didn't have the money at the time. Now, her photographs sell for $2,200 to $4,800. Have you ever just wanted to kick yourself?


Elle Bee said...

Relyn, it's so fantastic that you are going to see Yo Yo Ma! That will be an amazing experience. Can you educate me on what meme means? I've been seeing that word around but I'm so naive when it comes to blogspeak.

Mrs. E said...

When do you have to start wearing your watch again?? I start on Thursday. As in--day after tomorrow! Where has my summer gone? This looks like a fun meme--whatever the heck a meme is!!

Relyn said...

I don't know what meme literally means, but it's a blog game. Something you participate in, then "tag" (ask) someone else to do as well. If you look it up on Wikipedia, meme is a scientific terms dealing with genetics and self-replicating. The self-replicating kind of fits.

Tomorrow is the teachers' first day back, but kids don't arrive for another week after that. So, no watch till then. Good luck. Happy back to school!

Tracy said...

Lovely reading your meme today, Relyn. :o) Your a such a fun person! And I'm with you on pleasures... why have the guilt--just enjoy! That's what life is for... Happy Day ((HUGS))

Jessica said...

Tickets for Yo-Yo Ma is a dream of mine. I can't believe teacher's day back is so soon!

Dandy said...

I am right there with you on vacationing in somewhere new! I love discovering new places with new people and of course, new foods.

Jana said...

Yo Yo Ma? that is so awesome, I love you not so guilty indulgences this was such a nice start to my blogging day thanks so much for sharing with us!

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Love that photo! Hope your organizing is coming along for you. I'm in the process of doing some myself as surprise guests are arriving from France and one bedroom is my office. Back I go...

Jeanie said...

You're going to see Yo-Yo Ma? How cool is that! (I love these things!) Here's a little known fact -- one of his earliest television programs, maybe his first (maybe not) was made right here at WKAR in the early 1980s! He was just this young guy who seemed to have a future in music!

Debbie said...

Yo Yo Ma! I am completely jealous! And I agree on the vacationing except...I love having a quiet and lazy week a year at my parents cottage. And we didn't get that this year doggonit!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Summer has flown by and I hope you don't have to wear your watch too soon! I always love memes..you really get to know a the writer & find out many things you just didn't know.

PixieDust said...

How fun to learn these little bits about you.


And I love that photo! It makes me think of vanilla ice cream cones...


Char said...

beautiful tag answers


Yoli said...

Oh Relyn, I am pea green with envy woman over you going to see Yo Yo Ma! I love seeing these MeMe's, they always give you a slice of life from your favorite bloggers.

My Castle in Spain said...

great answers Relyn ! it's always fun to read memes. Wow..me too i'm envious you're going to a Yo Yo Ma concert. Cool !
and no watch in summer is a great attitude :-)

about the pic, yes it's a shame you couldn't buy it then...i would have been sorry too!

elk said...

YO YO MA?!!!
butterfly pendant?!!
sigh I am enjoying your list
AND you always make me smile
thank you!

Gayle said...

What a great meme! Yum, the grilled asparagus sounds so good!

Pearl Maple said...

Yo Yo Ma, will be an amazing experience and thank you for introducing us to that song as well, that is a great choice.

Hope you are having a lovely day there.

Maithri said...

I'm with you my friend...

Yes to life...

To bubbles...

To music..

To the wild beautiful journey...

Much love,


Suvarna said...

Wonderful photo. How great that you are seeing Yo-Yo! Love that your word is "yes"

Kamana said...

yo yo ma!?

its fun getting to know you better.

i would love to play along...will let you know when i do :)

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Great photograph and list of things. And, pretty blog.

elizabeth said...

i love reading memes. it's a fun way to get to know bloggers. :)

that is a great photo - i can see why you wish you had it!

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