Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Kinds of Poetry

School starts in two days, which makes things a little crazy around here. I've been feeling tired, a little overwhelmed, and in need of a pick-me-up. So, I decided to create a post full of things I love. Things like words and images. Poetry with paper and ink. Poetry with camera and light.


Paper white.
Stare blank.

The marks started as almost a whisper.
Building to the slightest twinge,
Almost a caress.
Pencil marks rained
And just rained
Drop after drop of dry graphite
Filling dreams into corners
Long forgotten.

Flowers, smiles, summer dresses
Saved in mothballs.
Camphor, wine, and laughter
Raining down,
Distilled to black
And white.

~ Harry Philbrick

What do you do when you need a pick me up?

All images are by Irene Suchocki and are used with permission.
Click here to visit her blog, and here to purchase her amazing work.


robin-bird said...

a pick me up? well i do something different than what i am doing at that moment. often it involves moving my body by going outside. And believe it or not i can get a pick-me-up by accomplishing the very thing i am trying to avoid, cause that is often why i am feeling bad, overwhelmed, stressed out. and the other thing? i get in my car and drive somewhere so i can listen to a book on tape. that takes me out of myself in the biggest way!
it's gonna be a great year for you!

Debbie said...

I am one of these odd people that organizes when I need a "pick me up". I am going to have a VERY organized basement starting next week as we take the youngest off to college today and send the middle one off to a semester of study in Uganda on Sunday. I guarantee that on Monday I will be organizing something.

Tracy said...

Love the words and images here today, Relyn! For a pick me up, creativity of some kind reigns for it knitting, sewing or even just dreaming of a new project with pen and paper to guide me. A cup of tea, a sweet treat and a favorite film works when I have the blues. Best with school start this week! Happy Days ((HUGS))

SE'LAH... said...

I pour a nice glass of port, sit in my recliner, and sip slowly to some soft music.

port and music, my true and tried method of release.

spread your wings said...

i try to find some sun to soak in and escape in a book

Jessica said...

I call a friend, grab some chocolate, and hit the walking trails! Best of luck with the beginning of the school year...your students are so lucky and they don't even know it yet!

elk said...

oh love the poem/picture....pick me up includes singing...glueing...walking the & chocolate!

Char said...

beautiful photos there. I really love that zebra.

a pick me up is usually cooking something, walking or going out to take photographs.

Journey said...

Relyn - beautiful pictures!!! Pick me ups for me are grabbing the grandkids and just playing, lots of hugs, and seeing the world through their eyes. Walks in the woods. Grabbing the camera and taking pictures - anywhere and of anything. A good book, a bubble bath - I'm a simple girl and easy to please (usually!)

beth said...

first for a pick me up I need a hug....
then I'm ready to tackle the world !

but let's look at your photos here for a moment.....YUM YUM YUM !!

the tree/road photo is amazing !

Dandy said...

I've been feeling overwhelmed but its mostly of my own doing. I'm planning a wedding and have started numerous projects anyway.

I'm thinking of doing a dream board. You know, to keep my eye on the prize :) I can play with arts and crafts and put together something that inspires me to keep plugging along.

kath said...

I cook. I always find the energy to cook no matter how tired or out of sorts I am. I inevitably feel better when I do.

Amy said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm working around my computer today, sorting books to begin the new school year and totally enjoying your selection of music. I have your blog on, minimized, just soaking in your beautiful selections. Thank you!

Jeanne said...

Help someone out
that is the best rememdy for feeling better.
Love you

I love the words
I really don't know you all that well but I know about suffering
What can I do to help?

Love you

Jeanne said...

I also am reminded of the little bird Billie who I visit at the nursing home where Grandma lives
He not only lives in a cage but in a nursing home and he sings and dances so sweetly for me
They claim he is in love with me
and I swear he gets a tear when I leave
I think of that bird and say
God thank you for Billie and all the reasons to smile♥

Marilyn Miller said...

I love your idea for a pick me up. A bouquet of flowers from the market often will help me with a pick me up. Taking myself for a walk or out for a cup of tea also can do the trick too. Spending time with friends is probably the best pick me up.

Elle Bee said...

I like to cook something, or more likely, bake. I also like to scrapbook. To make a beautiful layout of all my favorite photos. That's a real pick me up.

Roban said...

What a lovely treat to visit you today and find this beautiful poem and picture! School starts in our district on Thursday... I was feeling so confident and calm until today.... Now I'm suddenly feeling overwhelmed and worried about anything I can dream up!

smith kaich jones said...

Oh, Relyn. That little bird on the lane between the trees just kills me. I must check out Irene's work. Thank you for that.

And the poem so perfectly describes a drawing from the heart. Thank you for that also.

And just thank you in general. For being here. Good luck with your kids this year - they are, indeed, lucky, and just don't know it yet.

:) Debi

Oh! My pick me up is usually a calm me down. :) Silence. A book. Sleep.

Christina said...

I dive into a book, or head for a walk. I am bound to see something beautiful, if I just open my eyes. Aren't Irene's photos, the best? I have one hanging in my bedroom.

Anonymous said...

i read a book that i know will make me feel good. i go for a walk somewhere where i can feel the spray of the ocean on my face. i bake. or i have a tickle-fest with my kids. guaranteed to get the giggles started.

Jeanie said...

I pick up by doing something different and something fun! Sometimes, it's just a sit-down, sometimes it's art, sometimes I go off with my camera (actually, lots of times I do that!) and more often than I should I eat! I think yours is better!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I don't envy you for having to get back into the classroom! Where did the summer go?
When I need a pick me up, I take a nap or a good long walk in the country. Sometimes it is just a way to clear my head. Happy school days!

meandering pearl said...

thank you! "Drop after drop of dry graphite Filling dreams into corners Long forgotten" a precious fragment!!! & the zebra exudes so much feeling! i love irene's photos!! have a most delightful day

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Omigosh, it's back to school-time already!? Seems like you just got started on your summer organizing. For a pick-me-up, I read one of your posts! :~)

Yoli said...

Exquisite Relyn.

Gayle said...

I cook, or get outside in the sun (sometimes with my camera), I read, and sometimes crochet! Also, if there is something that I've been putting off doing that is hanging over my head I try to get the work done.

Kim Living Life said...

A pick me up - well lots of things pick me up. A great glass of wine with a delicious pizza. A walk early in the morning as the sun rises slowly in the East and the air is still cool but not cold and most people are still sleeping and the world belongs to me alone. Getting that really great picture. Hearing the rain on the roof,it doesn't happen often here lately. The smell of good coffee. Can I stop now.... Nice to find your blog, I like our photographs.

Derrick said...

Hi Relyn,

Thanks for popping over and for your comments. Glad you enjyed the musical interludes! I really like this poem; how a gentle trickle becomes a torrent of thoughts and emotions captured in the page. As for a pick-me-up, it could be a meal out or just a nice glass of wine!

Patti said...

It doesn't take much for a "pick-me-up" for of my crafts, quiet reading, puzzles, talking to a friend, sitting outside, a ride with my camera, a fav beverage at Caribou or Starbucks, music, sitting with the family...any of those will do!
Great poem and images...

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