Thursday, December 31, 2009

Every Year, the Same

Every New Year's Eve, like everyone else I know,
I sit down to take stock.
And, what can I say here to you?
Every year my findings are the same.

In the year of our Lord, two thousand and nine...

It came.
We lived it.
We laughed and played as much as possible.
We were too busy.
We tried hard, but didn't always live our priorities.
We had a lot of fun. A lot.
We had a lot of laughs. A lot.

The year was good.
They are all good.
If only because there was much love and the difficulties brought with them important lessons.
For me, every past year was good, at least in reflection.

Do I just have rose colored glasses permanently attached to my rearview mirrors??
I think I must.

I like that. I do.

What a great way to live.
No regrets.
No sorrowful musings.
Just gratitude for the lessons.
Gratitude for the blessings.
Excitement about the future.

Here's to rose colored rearview mirrors.
Happy new year, my friends.
Be safe tonight.

The image above is by the glorious Michael Kahn.


Roban said...

What a wonderful way of looking at life.... I bet there's a pair of rose-colored rearview glasses for all of us!

Blessings and more to you and your family in 2010...

studio wellspring said...

i adore your rose colored glasses & mirrors. and i adore you. thank you for bringing your light to corvallis & san francisco this year. one of my blessings of 2009 was getting to meet you in person! now...out come the champagne bottles ~ it's time for a toast! to friendship, creativity, adventure, and true happiness! love LOVE love, anjie

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Wonderful words to "Live" by...may all good things come to you, in the New Year.

S. Etole said...

I like that thought ... very, very much

Suz said...

I couldn't have said it better.

you nailed it

Dorit said...

AMEN! :)

Char said...

a wonderful way to look at life.

hope your 2010 is beautiful!

ELK said...

that is a super list of life spanning a year ...i said yes to many of the same..happy 2010 to you and those you love...

Rita said...

Happy New Year to you, my sweet adorable niece! I love you.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I love your attitude. I have to agree that I have many blessings. I have watched many friends suffer this year with illness, divorce or loss...I am always grateful for how full my cup is.

Happy New Year my friend!


SE'LAH... said...

What a beautiful post! Right on point.

Happy New Year!!!

Lauren Thomas said...

Such a perfect point of view. Such inspiration to look at things the same way.
Blessings in 2010 for you!

Christina said...

indeed, my friend.
happy new year!

dulcy said...

Happy New Year Sweet Relyn!!


Lubna said...

The dawn of a brand new year has broken, here in India. There was a Lunar eclipse last night and dawn was golden and pretty. Here is to new beginnings and yes to seeing the silver lining around each and every dark cloud.

Jana said...

such a lovely outlook, and an amazing photo! thanks doll.

Jeanne said...

Happy New Year
God's most richest blessings for us all
Love you
Rabbit Rabbit

I love you
Beautiful posting as always
Love Jeanne♥

Mrs. E said...

I adopt your attitude also. Rose colored glasses forever.

Before I forget. Relyn, was it your blog that had the 6 word autobiographies?? I am getting ready to post some my students wrote, and I want to give credit for where I borrowed (OK- stole) the idea!

Happy New Year. I'm always so happy to stop in here!

beth said...

"to no regrets" my sweet friend !

happy new year !!!

Hindsfeet said...

Stumbled onto your blog because of our mutual favorite read, "84 Charing Cross Road" and found we have lots of other 'favorites' in common : )

...but it was your prose that really pulled me in...Not to mention the stunning photographic accompaniment.

Your site is a diamond in a pile of Cubic Zirconia's...So glad for said serendipitous "stumbling" : )

Hope you don't mind me following along, it's lovely to find such a gem. Come by my site anytime : ) Hope to "see" you soon : )


Hindsfeet said...

p.s. Got a kick out of the fact that I'm your "100th follower" : ) Do I win a prize or something? ; )

Happy New Year to you, Relyn,
"Hindsfeet" : )

Marilyn said...

I love the image of rose colored rearview mirrors. Thanks and great gratitude for you. Happy New Year.

Connie said...

Happy New Year! Hear! Hear! what an inspirational example for all of us (ME)

Anonymous said...

we should all have rose colored rearview mirrors! happy 2010 my friend!

dutchbaby said...

Here's to rose-colored rearview mirrors and sunglasses for the bright future.

Happy, happy New Year to you, Relyn!

gkgirl said... sweetness,
i love this...
happy new year to you as well
and i look forward
to a year of getting
to know you better...


Jaime said...

Happy late late late really late New Year!!
Resolution no.1....I need to stop procrastinating.

spread your wings said...

yes here's to rose-colored!! but it's the truth - i feel blessed to be able to say I had a wonderful year.
here's to an even better New Year. love

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