Monday, March 29, 2010

giddy, I tell you

I'm the one who's giddy.
Giddy, I tell you.

I have a friend.
A wonderful, lovely, multi-talented blog friend.
Her name is Beth and she loves me.

I know it.
I know it because she made something for me.
Something wonderful.

Something that took a lot of time.
Took a lot of effort.
Came wrapped in affection.

Go look.
I'm talking about my terrific new banner.
Isn't it great??

Thank you, Beth.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

These flowers are for you.
If I could, I'd plant an orchard full of flowering trees in your backyard.
Just to tell you I love you.


Kelli said...

Awwww!!! How sweet! And a lovely banner it is, too!

In the Light of the Moon said...

A lovely banner and a treasured friend.Warmest Regards,Cat

Caroline said...

Oh it's wonderful! And Beth is just so lovely, isn't she?

smith kaich jones said...

Well, I just love you both to death and am tickled to see this!

Isn't the blogosphere the most wonderful place?


bekkah said...

Isn't it nice to be loved?! :)

Beautiful banner!!

beth said...

you silly girl...remember this was the one that didn't take me any time at all.....and then you added your own beautiful magic to it !!

so stop all that mushy stuff or I'm going to throw my easter eggs at you....

well, maybe not, as the hard boiled ones would kind of maybe I'll just launch the chocolate and marshmallow bunnies at you instead :)

I'm glad you love your new banner....those flowers just seem to smile, don't they ?

big hugs to you !!

Suz said...

Beth did a wonderful job!
and I love your other blog
I just love love
and loving families
the world needs more

Andrea said...

Thank you...You just brought Sunshine into my day.
Hugs, andrea

Erin Wallace said...

What a happy, lovely banner! I also LOVE the YAWP quote - one of the best workds ever, in my opinion!

Jeanie said...

It is such a stunner -- she is so amazing -- is there anything she can't do?

Heart2Heart said...


What a beautiful way to start our day when we come by here. It's simply amazing!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Laura said...

The banner is totally cool!!!! Beth is an extremely talented artist and the great thing is she is ready to show and help and teach and inspire!!!! She is a keeper that one!

Jessica said...

That banner is great and so *you*!!! I've been loving your photos as they pop up on flickr--they brighten each of my mornings as I sip my coffee. You have an eye for beauty!

Marilyn said...

I also love Beth, she is the best. A very nice header and she definitely deserves the flowers. Now I must start visiting you there too.

A. Jarrett said...

*love* the new banner - yes, she's a keeper, so sweet!

gkgirl said...

LOVING the new banner...
very gorgeous!

elizabeth said...

That is SO great! It just puts a smile on your face.

SE'LAH... said...

Beth is most awesome!!! and so are you.
thanks for the flowers. may your life be filled with love and lots of flowers.


Patti said...

Oh that Beth- She's a Keeper, isn't she?!!And so VERY talented! Beautiful banner- LOVE it!!! And love your flower photo...drooling over it actually...

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