Thursday, April 1, 2010

Personal Passions

Week 10 of the Wednesday Lists.
You didn't notice that my Wednesday List is on a Thursday, did you? OK. Good.

Last year I spent the month of March blogging about my personal passions. I'd love it if you checked it out right here. This post explains it really well, if you care to read it. Anyway, I had such a wonderful time last year that I am hosting it again. Please join me here almost every day in April for A Month of Personal Passions. To kick it all off, I offer a list of...

a few of my Personal Passions
art shows
art museums
being a wife and a momma
botanical gardens
dance movies
eye contact
fading barns & silos
family game night
fresh flowers
good design

image collecting
knights on white horses, ok, any fairy tale
letter writing
list making
long walks
old and tattered things
random acts of kindness

umbrella images



JoLyn said...

I love your list today! I would have to agree on so many of them--I may have to copy your idea for my list next week. :)

And what a super idea for the month--I just took a peek at your last year's posts, and I'm very intrigued. I can't wait to read more!

Derrick said...

Hi Relyn,

Looking forward to reading all about them!

Gayle said...

What a great list! I love this idea of a Personal Passion list. And then, to act on it and include more of them into daily life!

susanna said...

Great list here, Relyn. I love your positive attitude! Hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend!

beth said...

I'm an image collector too....oh, i could do that all day with my magazines and books and anything else I can cut out and fill my little box with.....

Andrea said...

Awesome list!
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Heart2Heart said...


You always come up with the best ideas for posts! This one is another winner!

I love umbrellas too!

Hope you stop by as I am hosting weekly giveaways now on my blog.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

S. Etole said...

share many of the same ... seeing them in list form is a blessing

Christina said...

i can't wait!

Anonymous said...

look forward to a month of these... i share many.

smith kaich jones said...

:) SO glad you're doing this agin - I loved reading about everyone's passions last year & look forward to this year. And love your kick-off. Dance movies! I know!!


Tracy said...

Lovely. It's even alphabetized! :-0

Fairy Tales...sigh.

Rita said...

You always have such great lists and things on it that I wouldn't have thought of, like the umbrellas. What am I passionate about...saving enough money to pay off my house, so I don't have to worry about where I live when I am too old to work!

bekkah said...

A wonderful idea and superb list!!

elizabeth said...

dance movies. :) I just watched Another Cinderella Story (one of those movies that people probably don't know about unless they have tween children, LOL) three times. That's how much I am a sucker for dance movies. It cracks me up.

I am looking forward to reading these posts!

Erin Wallace said...

This is a wonderful list and a great idea for future posts. I think it's funny that you think you have a lot to learn about photography - all of your photos are always so beautiful! Have a great weekend

Marilyn said...

I always love your lists.

Hindsfeet said...

Hi Relyn...

a bit off topic here, I know....but, I was wondering, would you say a prayer for me?

My heart was broken today over a friendship that got derailed.......These are things to treat with kid gloves ourselves, but God's nimble fingers and passionate heart can fix anything right?

I guess I just felt comfortable asking you....You are always such an encouragement to me and a light to my spirit.

With deep gratitude,

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Your list is a beautiful balance of fun, adventure, love, family, humor and work and just a bit of dreaming!

I feel happier having read it!

Anonymous said...

such a wonderful list...look forward to april.

Nieves said...

Very good your list of personal passions! All of us should stop and make our own list, seeing which are our priorities in life. Have a nice Easter Week Relyn!

Tracy said...

Beautiful, gentle, loving list, Relyn... I, too, share so many of the same passions--art, books, creating, flowers, giving, housekeeping, letters, meditation, music, photos, walking, wine, writing, yoga... Just a few... :o) Wishing you & yours beauty & blessings this Easter holiday ((HUGS))

ELK said...

your passions are varied and so special . i had forgotten about the wonderful month last year on your happy to be here on day one!!

Jerusalem said...

wonderful list - and I love that you included List Making on there!
Come on over to my blog for a GREAT book giveaway!!

Terresa said...

Oh, I love lists!

Fading barns & silos
letter writing
old & tattered things.

Yes to all of them!!

PS: Happy Easter!!

SE'LAH... said...

Hey, where's the donkey? lol.

What a wonderful list.

Patti said...

Hi there~ I LOVE your list of passions- we just have so many in common!!! Hope you got my e-mail...and thanks again~~~

Jeanie said...

I love these!

Georgianna said...

Oh, your list is marvelous, Relyn! I will have to do something like this but it will be a work in progress as I could never think of everything at once – I'm always in such a rush. Have a lovely week! – g

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