Saturday, May 15, 2010

an Ozarks Unphotographable

SOOJ means straight out of the journal. Unphotographables are moments from life that my camera couldn't capture. This post is both.

Friday night, May 14, 2010
screening of Winter's Bone

An old woman standing on a stage,
in old jeans and red gardening clogs.
There she stands - feet splayed,
hands thrust into pockets,
looking like nothing special;
like someone's great aunt.

And then she opens her mouth,
and she sounds like nothing less
than a whiskey voiced angel.

And I am reminded again
that angels come in a variety of guises and
beauty can not only be measured with your eyes.
In fact, your eyes are likely
the least reliable measurement of beauty.


lakeviewer said...

Stunning photograph! Unusual and evocative, just like the poem. Love the concept that beauty cannot be measured solely by the eye. Brilliant!

Erin Wallace said...

Your unphotographable photo is stunning! Beautyiful.

Jeanne said...

God bless all the Earth Angels we meet and those that watch over us in Heaven.

Love you

Tracy said...

The picture and the words are both beautiful. As a matter of fact, sometimes the moments that seem out of focus are the best moments of all.

Char said...

gorgeous entry

Julia Christie said...

Lovely reminder that beauty is truly where you find it, not of the artificial variety.


S. Etole said...

Both of these touched my heart ...

maggie said...

Totally agree. Can't trust the eyes, they are so tuned into judgement whether it be good or bad. I too love moments like you discribe that humble me and open my heart.

Rita said...

You are taking some amazing photos! Love them! D & B leave next week!

Terresa said...

What a beautiful treat is this, both photo & poem.

(I rejoice!)


Mrs. E said...

That is so true! I love being blown away when I least expect it! Every year when my motley crew of students show up in my room, I think: Go ahead. Astound me.

And they almost always do!

dutchbaby said...

I'm smiling about the whiskey-voiced angel, probably played by Lauren Bacall or Kathleen Turner. Nice shot!

Marilyn said...

Beautifully said and beautifully photographed.

suzyQ said...

wow. this is stunning- photo and words. just.. wow!

Jeanie said...

Oh, yes. I've found many angels one might never expect! Indeed, I can see her -- photograph not required!

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