Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning Poetry

Magician Suspends the Children

With this charm I keep the boy at six
and the girl fast at five
almost safe behind the four
walls of family. We three
are a feathery totem I tattoo
against time: I'll be one

again. Joy here is hard-won
but possible. Protector of six
found toads, son, you feel too
much, my
Halloween mouse. Your five
finger exercises predict no three
quarter time gliding for

you. Symphonic storms are the fore-
cast, nothing unruffled for my wun-
derkind. Have two children: make three
journeys upstream. Son, at six
you run into angles where five
lets you curve, let me hold onto

your fingers in drugstores. Too
intent on them, you're before
or behind me five
paces at least. Let no one
tie the sturdy boat of your six
years to me the grotesque, the three

headed mother. More than three
times you'll deny me. And my cockatoo,
my crested girl, how you cry to be six.
Age gathers on your fore-
head with that striving. Everyone
draws your lines and five

breaks out like a rash, five
crouches, pariah of the three
o'clock male rendezvous. Oh won-
derful girl, my impromptu
rainbow, believe it: you'll be four-
teen before you're six.

This is the one abracadabra I know to
keep us three. keep you five and six.
Grow now. Sing. Fly. Do what you're here for.

~ Carole Oles

I couldn't resist another sestina. This is absolutely incredible. Did you notice the number pattern? Tell me you did.


Tracy said...

Wow, that is just beautiful. I must have missed your previous sestina post. I promise I'll notice next time. Have a blessed Sunday.

dutchbaby said...

I'd like to be this magician. I'll even take them frozen at age 16 and 19...

Marilyn said...

Definitely fly! But how we would like to hold them in our hands and freeze time in a bottle. Celebrate each day and treasure, all the soon they are grown and on to their own lives.

HKatz said...

These lines struck me most:

And my cockatoo,
my crested girl, how you cry to be six.
Age gathers on your fore-
head with that striving.

Patti said...

This poem is amazing- love the meassage and the wordage and especially the last stanza! Thanks so much for sharing Relyn!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Reading between I can feel where your mind is these days... and you are so right in your post below that 10 years is no time at all. This is why we live in those moments ~ truly live!!! You already know the secret my dear!
Love you ~ having trouble letting go of this day, see you tomorrow,!

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