Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Morning Poetry

I opened my mouth
I noticed them sitting there
as orderly as frozen fish
in a package.

Slowly water began to fill the room
though I did not notice it
till it reached
my ears

and then I heard the sounds
of fish in an aquarium
and I knew that though I had
tried to drown them
with my words
that they had only opened up
like gills for them
and let me in.

Together we swam around the room
like thirty tails whacking words
till the bell rang

a hole in the door

where we all leaked out

They went to another class
I suppose and I home

where Queen Elizabeth
my cat met me
and licked my fins
till they were hands again.

~ D. C. Berry


Derrick said...

Hi Relyn,

A slightly weird one for this morning. But awakening us to the idea that suddenly one can have an affect, make a breakthrough.

Bee said...

If you have a cat, it becomes an almost unavoidable urge to wonder about their natures and want to photograph them. My own kitty has taken to napping on top of the dryer, where I have some clothes to be handwashed. I can't bear to move him, though; he looks so comfortable.

I don't think Minstrel dreams fish dreams . . . more like bird and mouse dreams, probably.

Jennifer Richardson said...

what a profoundly hopeful arrangement of words....thanks for sharing:)

Tracy said...

What a fun, magical poem for today, Relyn! And love the kitty photo... This cat looks a bit like our Charlie. I do think our Charlie dreams of fish...must be the tuna we give him for treats. ;o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Char said...

so whimsical - love the imaginery

Tracy said...

This was a fun Sunday poem, Relyn. I love the kitty in the picture, too. Have a super week!

Heart2Heart said...


Great poem. I love ones like this that are cute, simple and really let your imaginations go.

The kitty, absolutely adorable.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Marilyn said...

I love this one. It is perfect for you to share today as you have release your class to move on and for a little while you have return to just you. Sweet kittie for licking your hands and making you whole again.

HKatz said...

An odd poem, but it's charming too, and - at least from how it's coming across to me on this first reading - I like how the teacher makes the frozen fish-like students come alive, and then becomes a fish too swimming among them (the students changing the teacher). The line thwacking words around is my favorite I think - just the image of a frenzy of fish, the class discussion whipped up, maybe getting out of hand... and then, when a lesson or discussion is that good, the bell always seems to ring too soon.

Rita said...

You are getting really good with the camera! Am pooped after the last two weeks, but had a looooong nap this afternoon which helped to revive me!

Terresa said...

I love love love this! Reminds me a bit of the poem, Eating Poetry by Mark Strand. Strange & delightful.

Jaime said...

I love it when I come across someone who knows how to conjure just the right words into a delicious mixture of whimsy.
This is delighful, as is your kitty!

(my verification word is!!)

SE'LAH... said...

my favourite day on your blog.
oh, my Sunday morning poetry.
always love.

Jeanie said...

Terrific poem and splendid photo!

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