Friday, May 28, 2010

updating The Big List

Week 16 of the Wednesday lists.
We've been enjoying having Jeffrey's parents with us so much this week that I missed my Wednesday list. Oh well - better late than never.
A while back I wrote a list of 39 things to do before I turn 40.

The BIG List Update:
  1. write that article and try to get it published - not sure why I keep postponing this one
  2. get back to doing this brilliant idea
  3. bake some bread from scratch
  4. start saving for a Big Girl Camera
  5. join GKGirl in doing this
  6. read at least three professional books from cover to cover instead of just dipping in and stealing ideas - one down, two to go
  7. make my Blog Camp St. Louis idea really happen
  8. read a book in a genre I never read ie. a biography instead of a memoir
  9. buy and play with a fun camera; Polaroid, Holga, or Fish Eye - I'm half way there. My friend loaned me her Poloroid 600. Now I just need the film.
  10. interview my father-in-law and capture the real version of the story I want to write - he's here till Tuesday. I guess I'd better get busy on this one.
  11. have a real life pen pal
  12. take a class and learn a new skill
  13. finally let go of some of those magazines I still have horded
  14. get settled in and feel at home in our new church
  15. eat Indian food again - done on our trip to Columbia
  16. make walking a regular habit
  17. meet in person at least four new blogging friends
  18. attend this - I traded this for the family trip to Columbia. We had a wonderful time.
  19. find the perfect apple crisp recipe and bake often for Jeffrey - I've been working on this one. Jeffrey would like me to find a recipe that has the sweet crumblies on top. Can anybody help?
  20. spend an entire afternoon in the hammock
  21. buy a vintage record player
  22. go see Wicked (or another Broadway show)
  23. take a weekend trip with Mom and Dad to an unexplored Missouri destination
  24. have my own Moo cards made
  25. find a way to turn my blog into book form - I have tried and tried. Does anyone know how to do this with Blogger??
  26. go visit Grammy
  27. take an online course
  28. participate in some street art of my own
  29. start up date nights again
  30. begin art journaling
  31. host a swap on my blog - who's interested?
  32. make a gift for someone
  33. read all the forgotten books that are living on my shelves
  34. buy Photoshop Elements - Yeah for Jeffrey and Sloane. This was my Mother's Day present.
  35. learn Photoshop Elements
  36. read all of Jane Austen's novels
  37. wreck a journal
  38. transfer all my home videos to DVD
  39. try something I absolutely think I can not do - This turned out to be my biggest surprise. I really didn't think I'd be able to save enough to buy a great camera. I did.
Only four months to go. I'd better get busy. Good thing I have the summer off. What about you? What are you working on right now?


Marilyn said...

Your lists always inspire me. I have learn Photoshop Elements on my list too. I need to make some gifts very soon for friends I will see in California.

Enjoy your company and your summer of making dreams come true. Now is the time to submit for publishing I would think.

meandering pearl said...

thankyou!!! :)
i always love number 5!!! i want to do moreo f it too...& the art journalling!!! & i have heard that there are printers that turn your blog into a book, so if i bump into that info again i'll remember you...

hope you have a gorgeous day!!!

lakeviewer said...

You got some fancy things planned here. I'm interested in the answer to #25 too.

maggie said...

Relyn - It sounds like you want to hurry up to slow down. You are one woman who seems to get so much done. I'm sure your list making is very effective for you to get things done. What's great about you is that you have such a big heart that wants to slow down and savoir your connections. You've inspired me to make a list. You might be interested in listening to an hour long phone teleclass by Mary Morrissey on defining your dream for yourself & going for it.
The link for it is: www.

Sarah said...

You are doing well on that list Relyn. I have a few of those in comon with you-the swap idea(not done yet) the camera(only just really started to want one) the photoshop-doing a great course, and the books and magazines-always! I also want to actually work hard on my Etsy shop and make lots of lovely things for it instead of just daydreaming about it. Roll on the summer holidays!

Delena said...

I need to make a list too. I am interested in your number 31. Let me know what you mean?
Also, your number 3... try my bun recipe. It is wonderful! Make sure your yeast is the fast rising instant kind and these buns only take 2 hours. I can't wait to make them again next week!

Meri said...

#3. I have a great recipe for Irish Soda Bread -- it's a quick bread, so doesn't need yeast or kneading.

#9. Google CameraBag. It's about $20 and it takes your photos and makes them look like Holgas, polaroids, etc.

#25. Every once in a while, when you go to the blogger page, it has an ad to turn your blog into a book. Have you tried exploring that?

#27. lk ludwig has some cool online photo journaling courses that are really inexpensive. This would work well with # 30 and maybe even # 37, depending how you define "wreck."

#24. Moo cards are easy - just takes a couple of minutes, paypal, and then waiting until they arrive.

I'm all for efficiency, in other words.

Marilynne said...

That's an excellent list. It hits me right where I'm thinking, but not doing.

Right now, I'm taking number 16 to heart and taking my dog Jake for a walk. With my knee injury, it would be such a good idea.

I also like the idea of a blog swap. I'm ready if you are.

Bee said...

Oh, I love your list. I think that you should consolidate and pay a visit to England. We could knock quite a few of those off . . . and I would take you to Jane Austen's House. Have you read any of her novels, or are you striving for ALL as opposed to some?

A few things that I want to accomplish this summer are:
*updating my photo albums with all of the pictures that I've taken in the past two years
*learning more about my "big girl camera"
*beginning/maintaining my gardening journal

Suz said...

I need to make a list of 59 things to do before I turn 60!
I better get going will be here when the snow falls
May I borrow some of yours...see it's never too late to dream and hope and plan

Hindsfeet said...

inspiring, Relyn.....this stirs up sleeping dreams for me.....I need to delve into them again....


dulcy said...

Wicked is going to be at the Fox in St. Louis in July. Does that help?


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I always love your lists. The bread one is so should do it right away. Wicked is wonderful...not to be missed:) We saw it at the Fabulous Fox!!

suzyQ said...

I love your lists so much!

Kamana said...

its was good to know your updates. i am thinking i will put my list on my sidebar and cross them out as i complete them.

Tracy said...

Hi, Relyn! Many thanks for your welcome home wishes. It's great to be back! Your list was a feast for ideas and thoughts! Right now I'm looking to making some small changes to my little jewelry business which isn't doing so well. It's had me a bit down for a bit, but no more--I'm excited now! :o) Oh, and do read all of Jane Austen... you will be so glad you did! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Ragamuffin Gal said...

That's quite a list dear heart! Glad to see you are well on your way to all of them!!! I can help you with a few of them (if you would like it). Knowing you ~ You WILL accomplish all of them and then some!

Hey ~ hope you got my text about getting your fridge done. Funny story that I will fill you in on later. Love U ~ me

Christina said...

hi sweetie!
i have read each letter you have placed on your list, and it's all love. sheer love. i have a list, i really need to share it...

dutchbaby said...

This is quite an ambitious list, Relyn. I like how each and every one of them will fill your soul.

I'd like to recommend Adobe's Classroom in a Book series to learn Photoshop. That was the textbook we used in my community college Photoshop class. We did one lesson per week and by the end of ten weeks, I felt quite comfortable using the program. You should be able to pick up a used copy on

The current post on Blogger Buzz is on Blog2Print.

Good luck - I know you'll achieve your goals!

david said...

How about a BIG virtual hug for your favorite person in Austin,TX?

I have started my own top 50-list of things-to-do before I turn 43 (right around the corner...UHG!)...I can now mark off #6: Finding my favorite cousin, saying Hello, and giving her a BIG virtual hug! :)

Love your blogspot--both of them---and enjoyed reading some of Sloans, as well. She is simply beautiful. What a wonderful gift for you and Jeffry to have.

Love You---Miss You.


(I am on Facebook, along with rest of our family---lots of famly pictures and stuff...come join us!)

beth said...

HEY relyn....come and take this FREE and to be totally awesome online class with me...well, a whole bunch of us....
i think you'll love it and you'll be able to cross off #27 on your list :)

beth said...

and #7.....i am totally there...the first one to sign up...the first one to help you the best that i can :)

Laura said...

I don't know if someone already said this....but ask Beth about turning your blog into a book. Her husband did it for her a couple of years ago and it was so fabulous!!!!!!

krista said...

swap? yes, please. :-)

Angie Muresan said...

Wow! What a list, Relyn! I might just borrow a few of those items, as I'm sure my life would be enriched.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Wow! I love your list! Most of those things should also be on my list as well.

I've really enjoyed reading them all.

Jaime said...

Oh Oh Oh!!! Ok...number 24...let me just say that MOO is the best company in the whole wide world. They are so friendly and funny, and their customer service is unbelievable! I just had a bunch of cards made, and made the text side in photoshop with my logo...did you know you can use up to 100 different of your own images on the backs of the cards?? When I got them in the mail, the text was fuzzy...I contacted Moo and asked how I could do it better next time..he wrote me back, asked for my photoshop file, and printed me a whole new set of cards for free! I LOVE moo. I'm now addicted and want to make all kinds of other cards.

And #25...I just had a blurb book made of my first year of blogging. I just cut and pasted the text from my blogger blog..was so easy. Feel free to email me if you want some more was so much fun to make!

elizabeth said...

Hi, Relyn!

A friend of mine has a blog on blogspot and her husband turned her blog into a book for Christmas. She said that all she knows is that he used a company called sharebook (but I imagine it was pretty easy and he didn't have to do much ;)

Connie said...

A swap would be fun. I have joined postcrossing and am enjoying exchanging postcards around the world! (penpals)
A quick and easy topping for apple crisp (cheater's version)
Jiffy White Cake mix spinkled on top of apple filling, with a sprinkling of cinnamon and dotted with actually crisps up very nicely.

Oliag said...

I just loved reading your list and the updates really makes me want to write a list too...but 60 things to do before I turn 60 in December would be a #39 for sure:)

I was lucky to get Photoshop elements for will take years to learn...

gkgirl said...

what i need to be doing is getting started on the "creative" everyday idea list...i think you just gave me the kick i needed to get going again!

love your list and you are much further ahead on yours than i am on mine...


Rhonda said...

Hi, I am in the middle of printing my blog into a book. It is my scrapbook! One of my blog friends, Tanya has already done this and has a great post about it. I'm using Here is the link of Tanya's post if you want to read about it.

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