Monday, August 30, 2010

another list

When times are tough it's easy to focus on that and let yourself feel overwhelmed. And, if you're like me, it's too easy to get snappish and irritable. I have one remedy that never fails. I count my blessings. Over and over. Big and small. I count my blessings, name them one by one. Count my blessings, see what God has done.


Recent Goodness

baby Kara's smile
100% on a spelling test
morning voedoedeeohdoe
a perfect ending to Mockingjay
Sloane's Life is Good water bottle
the super-fat September issue of InStyle
listening to bands that feature harmonicas
shopping at WalMart is always a social experience
Arlen was able to talk to Jeffrey on the phone today.
yards and yards of wide black grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots
The sun this morning was so obscured by the odd, opaque gray clouds that it looked just like the moon. When I mentioned it to my students they were all shocked because they had been wondering why the full moon was out this morning.
a mug rug designed just for me to match my classroom
I just "booked" my first Senior photoshoot.
eager hugs from last year's students
spending the day with my parents
the breezy, cool weather tonight
our newest family game, Nuts
reconnecting with old friends
autumn is not far away
acoustic guitar

Will you tell me a few of yours? Come on... let me rejoice with you.

August Break, day 16. Photo: Can you guess what this is? I bet you can.


Diana Joy said...

This is such a nice post. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us. A few of mine today: Baby Granddaughter held her hands up to me "pick me up" style; The sun appeared today; and I didn't kill my outside flowers by forgetting to water for 3 busy days.

WhiteStone said...

Still celebrating a clean PET/CT scan last week. And the opportunity to visit with a good friend today.

smith kaich jones said...

such a wonderful, opened eyes & heart list. you are so good. today's blessings have been * rain * the ever-wonderful michael back in town from colorado, with a snowmobile in tow - LOL! * the sound of screech owls in the trees * a bit of supper with my mom * red lampshades glowing through frosted sweaty windowpanes * no tv * beginning to catch up on blog reading - just beginning; i will be back. *

love you!!

Anita said...

I like your lists. I count reading your blog as one of my blessings.
Thank you for the inspiration.

Amy said...

Oh, that you would start with that song. Whenver my mom or I started speaking of blessings, we always end up breaking into that song and it makes us smile! There really are so many blessings ... and I count you amongst them!

And thank you for the wee update on Arlen, I've been wondering.

Dawn said...

Yes! Mockingjay! By the way, I had to toss A Long Way from Chicago--it made me sad. I love Grandma Dowdel also. She's a grown up Blossom Culp!

Dawn said...

My husband always enjoys my visits to your site--he loves your playlist!

dutchbaby said...

Thank you for the reminder to count our blessings - it always works, doesn't it?

I'm blessed that our family is healthy * we have the ability to travel * we live in a great town in a wonderful home * to have great dinner conversations * fantastic friends...

beth said...

i have that "InStyle" issue, too....what a "book" it is !

and YIPPEE.....a senior shoot !
i love those sooooo much......even though the one i posted yesterday was my most challenging one yet, i still loved it.
{i had two posts yesterday if you're looking for it}

Oliag said...

Love your list of blessings Relyn...every single one...altho morning voedoedeeohdoe
has me befuddled:)

A few from me...
Listening to Arvo Part on NPR's First listen...
Talking to both daughters in the morning...
Learning a new word...
Planning a day at Boston's MFA...


Marilyn said...

Oh the sunrise on Sunday morning as I drove to the airport in Wisconsin was the most amazing sunrise I had ever seen. In my mind it still seems like it was a harvest moon instead of the sun. It was so large, round, and the most wonderful shade of orange I have ever seen. It was a delight in my mind, as I was driving down the highway and couldn't stop for a picture. Thanks for letting me remember.

Congratulations on the first photoshoot scheduled.

Derrick said...

I could never begin to compose the sort of list you do, Relyn, without MUCH consideration! So, I guess, I just need to be grateful for today's sunshine and the fact that I could see it!

Jo said...

You are so right - I always try and count my blessings. Todays? Here goes; listening to my Crazy Heart CD, feeling the sun on my face and wearing my sun glasses, having a cuddle with my elderly dog - with her stinky breath and all! Feeding my cat and hearing her purr while she's eating, the smell of my washing on the line, taking part in the Collage Coterie online course (I'm LOVIN' it!), buying my daughter 3 rolls of her choice of wallpaper and her telling me she's the happiest girl in the world, my son getting an interview for weekend work (keep your fingers crossed for him;0)), looking forward to going to a London West End theatre with my husband on Friday night to see Jeff Goldblum in a play, and, of course, my family, who are THE BEST!

Jeanne said...

I love this
Love you
Love Jeanne

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who got excited about InStyle. It reminded me of the August issue of Seventeen Magazine when I was a teenager. The "back to school" fat issue was always my favorite.

Good news about Arlen.

Gigi said...

Love these . . . and your 'I believe' post. I snuck your blog in this morning between writing for a deadline and a phone conference. What a treat! SO glad that Jeffrey was able to talk with Arlen. So glad that so much beauty is in your life. You create so much of it and deserve all of it . . . and then some. Love you.

xoxo Gigi

Suvarna said...

You are truly blessed and congrats on your "booking"!

Georgianna said...

I love your detailed observations of your life – each one precious and each one noted and valued, too special to pass unacknowledged. Well done on all your new accomplishments, large and small. xo

ELK said...

i needed to think upon this today ..your lists are like a fragrant lotion for me my friend...
ice water
tears that come
a quiet grocery store
songs in my head

Char said...

how have i missed two postings? (or more)

a job, exciting work, a new assistant, my nephews, the pool at the end of summer, golden sunlight, lower humidity, coral roses on my desk

Hindsfeet said...

Thanks for the reminder, Relyn, and the grace of your life...what a light you are, what a sweet rest in a weary world.

Sweet peaceful weekend to you, my friend,

Jaime said...

ok, what is morning voedoedeeohdoe?
So funny! Took me a while to figure out how to pronounce it...still don't know if I've got it right!
Have you got your class yodelling in the morning?

I read your review on Mockingjay, and I can't wait to read the whole series. I have been persuaded to read so many books after I read your reviews..and I am never disappointed.

Lovely list, as always. xo

Jaime said...

Oh, and that must be Monet.
Am I right?

elizabeth said...

First, I thought it was Monet, or like Monet. Then, I decided that it was graffiti. Now, I am not sure.

But I love it regardless.

Relyn said...

You are all right. It's a tiny detail from a huge painting in Monet's Waterlilies series.

Susan said...

My goodness, so much goodness: Seeing my mom's hands when I look at my own ~ grilled zuchini ~ my husbands eyelashes ~ my son's tender heart ~ the grace of my Savior ~ the perfect gift wrap combo found already in my drawer ~ my daughter's style ~ family devotions at the picnic table ~ anticipation of the next good book ~ a clean kitchen ~ aloe vera ~ my dog's way of leaning against me ~ decorative filing folders ~ and willow trees. Just to name a few.

Jeanie said...

Beautiful list; stunning image.

I also tried to comment on the birthday post -- is it soon? I hope you get everything on your list. (Blogger wouldn't let me.)

Jaime said...

I have a whole new appreciation for this post.

Oldies, but Goodies