Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn Celebration

October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came -
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the band.
~ George Cooper

swap image

The Autumn Celebration Swap is an exchange of lovely things with an emphasis on autumn. October is when the days begin grow cooler and the nights longer. It's a perfect time for curling up with a good book and wearing something cozy. The Autumn Celebration Swap is for anyone who appreciates autumn, personal mail, and presents. I love, love, love mail and presents top my list of favorite things. I love the shopping, the choosing, the wrapping. I love ribbons and paper, stamps, and addresses. I even love going to the post office. I adore this season, and I want to celebrate with other like-minded souls. Care to join me?

Exchange Details

Swap Partners: I will do my best to pair you with someone who has similar interests. You do not have to have a blog to participate, but you should have some sort of online presence. Please remember that it will be harder for your partner to get to know you if you don't have a blog, Facebook, Flickr account - something. You are also welcome to participate if you do not live in the USA as long as you are OK with the shipping.

Interests: Please be sure to include all the requested information in the comments section of this post. You can email me with questions, too. You'll find my email address on the profile page. You'll want to include your favorite links, Etsy shops, etc. so you can give your partner an idea of your style and tastes.

Gift Details: Your package can include anything you care to wrap and ship. However, please be sure to include at least these three things:
  • something created by you - by hand, on the computer, with a camera...
  • a perfect book for these long,long evenings - gently used books would be even better
  • something, anything that speaks of autumn to you & a note explaining the connection
As to financial guidelines, please plan to spend around $20, not including shipping. Obviously, you are welcome to spend more, but having a guideline might make everyone more comfortable. If you sign up, you are committing to sending a package filled with thought and love. Please plan to put real time and effort into the things you send, as well as how you present it. I think this could be great fun.

Dates: Sign ups will remain open until Friday, October 2 at midnight Central time. That gives us one week to sign up and to spread the word. Please do tell a friend! Partners will be assigned Saturday, October 3, and you will have 2 weeks to get to know your partner, shop, wrap, and send your package. Plan to mail your package by October 17.

Sign Up

To sign up, just comment on this post. Be sure to include all the information requested below. You won't need to include your address, as you can exchange that via email after you receive your partner.

Website (blog, Flickr, shop)
Email Address
Location (city, state, country)
Are you willing to send overseas?
What are your interests?
Favorite shops?
Anything else you'd like to mention? (special requests, notes, etc)

If you are participating, would you please consider adding a link on your blog? Feel free to use the photo, too, if you'd like. I hope you'll play along. Let's celebrate autumn together.

Number 31 of the BIG list. Yay!


Andrea said...

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Bee said...

I'd love to participate, Relyn.
I think that I AM overseas as far as you are concerned!
Interests: reading, cooking, drinking tea
Favorite shops: quirky independent ones

Yiota said...

That is agreat idea! You know I love mail!
I love books, flowers, homemade jam, handmade little bits and pieces for the home.
I can send anywhere in the world.
Ooooooo! I'm so excited!

Yiota said...

Silly me! I forgot to wish you "Happy Birthday!'

Char said...

oh fun!!! I want to!!

Name: Charlane
Website: (it has all my other links there)
Email Address: bhamgirl717 at aol dot com
Location: Montgomery, Alabama 36109
Are you willing to send overseas? Yes
What are your interests? Reading - mysteries, modern romances, best sellers. Photography, Cooking.
Favorite shops: Anthropologie, Urban Outfitter

Patti said...

Hi! I'm in, I'm in!!! LOVE swaps- Love AUTUMN! Perfect combo! Thanks for doing this~~~
Matteson ,IL
interests- lots...books, crafts, cross-stitch, vintage, papercrafting, journaling, jewelry, tea, coffee, cookbooks

shops- Marshalls, Home Goods, Joanns, Archivers

And...Hope your birthday was a day of awesomeness

S. Etole said...

Your poem reminded me of my mother who taught elementary school and loved to share poetry with her pupils ...

Sandy K. said...

I love your poem, and the fabulous way to welcome in autumn. I will definitely join the fun:
Alma, Michigan
Yes, I'll send overseas
Interests: photography, reading (mystery, adventure, children, young adult), writing (letters, stories, blogs, journals, anything), music (classical, folk, easy listening) sewing, quilting,teaching, traveling
Shops: bookstores, fabric shops, novelty shops when traveling

Happy Birthday?!

Christina said...

i So adore autumn! And love the idea of sending a warm and love filled gift. : )

yep i can send overseas
interest: photography, cooking, reading (poetry, cookbooks, novels) journals, paper crafting, recipes, calligraphy, baking, magazines.
favorite shops:anything indie bound, tj maxx, world market, william sonoma, book shops.

; ) Big Smile!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I would love to join in ~ and here is my list:
Name: Katie Struckhoff
Website: Ragamuffin Gal

Email Address:
Location: Springfield, MO USA
Are you willing to send overseas? Yes
What are your interests? art, laughing, books, vintage linens, prims, photographs, inspirational living, eating pastries, drinking coffee and visiting...!

Favorite shops? Anything old ~ used books, flea mkts, ...

Is that enough? Probably way more than... I am so glad you're doing this friend, what a great idea! I hope I meet a new good friend! XO

Amy said...

What a fabulous idea--please count me in!

Boise, Id, USA
Ship overseas? Yes
Interests: Reading, writing, photography, tea with friends
Favorite shops: ones with character

Suvarna said...

oh I hope I'm not too late, I would love to sign up and already have something in mind!
Vancouver Canada
photography writing/reading
music folk, jazz, world, some pop
thrift stores, especially vintage and midcentury modern, etsy

Gigi said...

I am in!!! Thanks for doing this, Relyn!

Name: Gigi Thibodeau
Location: Portland, Maine, USA
Overseas? Yes
Interests: writing, reading, cooking, travel, vintage photos, flea markets, antiques, art, photography, crocheting, anything made of paper, hiking, bird watching, beach combing
Favorite shops: indie boutiques, used bookstores, antiques and vintage shops, anthropologie, flea markets and yard sales

Marilyn said...

I would love to participate. This will be fun.


location: Portland, Oregon, US
Yes, I would send overseas

Interests: read constantly, baking, tea, outdoors, antiques, photography

Favorite shops: book stores, anthropologie, antique shops, just found a wonderful camera shop

Vickie said...

Thank you for making me aware of this festvity!

Vickie Mujahid
Dallas, GA US

Are you willing to send overseas? yes

Reading (Fiction and Self-Help), Writing, Yoga, Candles, Jewelery, Love anything with a Peace sign. Organic Gardening (I'm a raw/vegan foodist)

I'm sorry but I don't have any favorite shops..I'm not a big shopper but I love Christina's cards (Soul Aperture)and I love photography and antiques are growing on me.

Meri said...

Thanks for the invitation, Relyn. So my name is Meri and my blogs are Meri's Musings and Playing Along. I live in Gig Harbor, Washington, USA. I'm willing to send overseas or here in the good ole' USA.

Interests: photography, indie movies, art, tea with friends, writing, reading, travel to various places (budget permitting, of course).

Favorite shops: Who doesn't love Anthropologie? Kitchen shops. Places that sell crafts and handmade papers.

Notes: I've got a million blank journals galore because I rarely write in them. . . I draft on computer with few exceptions because of hand tremors caused by a prescription drug I took in the 90s. And I've never be drawn to art journals (as a personal expression.. . I think other people's are amazing).

Jeanne said...


Thanks for inviting me and I would love to be included on this exchange.

Yes I can send overseas
interest: lovely things, photography, cooking, reading great books, lovely stationery, recipes, autumn scenes, pretty magazines.
favorite shops:
Books cards stationery, music

♥ Love to you all
Happy Autumn Swapping

Celebrate you and surround yourself
with people that do.

SE'LAH... said...

Count me in please!!!

located in New England
can post to overseas

interests: photography, arts n crafts, quilting, sewing, cooking, reading (cultural/Rastafarian, buddhist - esp. Thich Nhat Hanh, poetry, cookbooks, novels) journals, card-making/scrapbooking, recipes, baking, Shambalah Sun magazines.

stores:anything Fair Trade, world market, william sonoma, book shops.

Look forward to it.

Jeanie said...

Relyn, I'm so behind blog reading -- so thanks for emailing me! This is SO my thing! Here's my info!

Name - Jeanie Croope
Blog -
Location: Lansing, MI, USA
Overseas? Yes
What are your interests? All thing art, cooking, orange cats, ephemera, photography, gardening, books and papers (overload of journals!), travel (especially France, England, Japan), reading, my home, antiques, holidays... I do NOT like liver!

Favorite shops? book stores, antique shops, anthropologie, World Market, cooking stores, Michael's, Hollander's (or other paper stores)

Anything else you'd like to mention? I think I've probably said MORE than enough!

Thanks, Relyn -- and thanks especially for contacting me!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Relyn! Thanks so much for considering me for the swap. I'd actually been planning to sign up but good job you reminded me or I'd have been too late! Autumn has to be my fave season as well.
England, UK
Would love to swap with someone overseas.
I'm a cardmaker, papercrafter & jewellery maker.
I love...patterned paper, ribbon, shiney beads, vintage jewellery, sweets (candy), Union Jacks, The Beatles, anything with leaves on.
I love to shop in "2nd hand (thrift) stores & love anything handmade. Im interested in the spoken word, communication & speeches & how words can change lives.
Hope that's enoughinfo for now?
ps If I get paired with an American please please please can I have some Baskin Robbins Hard Candy Cookies & Cream. I can't get it here. ;)

Dorit said...

Thank your for the invitation! I hadn't noticed this swap, and would love to join.

dorithansen4 at

Faroe Islands (middle of the north Atlantic, between Scotland and Iceland :))

Of course - everything is overseas for me ;)

Where to start ... children, learning, books, grafic design,literature, crafts, knitting, food, making food, crocheting, nature, photography, decorating, homelife, wool, nature or did I already mention that? I guess I better stop.

Favourite shops ... bookshops, yarn shops, second-hand shops, cheese shops :)

No special requests.

Tracy said...

Hi, Relyn! Thank you so much for the invitation... I hope I'm not too late to join in! This is wonderful... I'm so excited!

Here's me...

Location: Norway
Send overseas? Oh, yes!
Interests: knitting, jewelry-making, sewing/quilting, cooking--vegetarian especially, gardening, reading, writing, painting, photography, paper goodies, Buddhist studies, yoga, travel
Shops: too hard to narrow down! Anything books or craft related...

NOTE: Where I am living I can't get books in English, sadly, but I can get hold of some very nice crafting/lifestyle magazines in English, which maybe I could send instead of a book?

Just LOVE this idea... Thank you, Relyn! :o)

Sarah said...

Thank you for inviting me Relyn! I didn't see it before or I would have signed up! I love Autumn too-the sense of excitement and change it brings, and the thought of cosy evenings is very enticing!
London UK
Yes I am happy to send overseas
Many interests-art, dolls, natural world, tiny things, old things, rusty things-haha the list goes on!
Favourite shops are second hand-charity shops, markets, anywhere with the chance of old books, ephemera, fabric, dolls-all loved and used.
I am looking forward to joining in with your lovely swap, and thanks again for asking!

A Box of Chocolates said...

Hey Relyn,
Se'Lah my dear friend sent me a link to your wonderful Autumn Giveaway so I would love to participate.
Kim Kath
Toowoomba Australia
I'll send OS no problems
Interests: Photography, cooking, well eating especially, family, finding great wines, travel, anything French, reading reading reading, decorating, scrapping, creating, movies, all things pretty and old, some things nifty and new, music, different cultures and customs, blogging, Africa, meeting new people
Favourite shops: I don't really have favourites, I like to explore different stores and see if there is something there I like. I love pretty and old things, I like new artwork, I'm not a big jewellery wearer, though I just bought a thumb ring, go figure. I am considering getting a tattoo, yep, I really am.

Anyes said...

I love Autumn and I was looking from afar when Se'lah convinced me to step out of my shell ,so here I am.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sending overseas: Yes
Interest: Photography, learning to meditate, card making, Tibetan Buddhism,

Anything Fair Trade, textured paper, nice writing pen, book shop

I am very excited to participate, Thank you Relyn

Jaime said...

Thank you for the invite Relyn...what fun!!

Victoria, Canada
Overseas? yes :)
Interests: words (poetry, quotes, novels), nature, walking beaches in search of sea glass, taking pictures, tea and cupcakes, movies, vegetarian cooking, children's books (especially the kind with beautiful colourful magical illustrations), the ocean, and the trees...oh how I love trees.
Favorite shops: small eclectic home decor shops, bookstores, I have always wanted to step inside an anthropologie, but there are none nearby. :(

spudballoo said...

Oh what fun!

Name Spud
Location UK
Are you willing to send overseas? Yes
What are your interests? photography, crochet, reading,
Favorite shops? craft shops, book shops, independent boutiques


Hausfrau said...

How fun--and thank you so much for the invitation!
Diane Clark
Bitburg, Germany

Since I am overseas, I'm certainly willing to ship anywhere!

I love reading, writing, photography, sewing/crafting (though my sewing machine is broken now!), tea, world travel, vintage things, pretty much anything British, Japanese culture, baking, playing piano, things related to natural and rural living, kitchen items

I love Anthropologie, Boden, Emma Bridgewater, Cath Kidston, Caravan, various Etsy

Thanks again, Relyn!

Tricia said...

hi relyn, what fun this swap is going to be! please count me in.
name: tricia scott
location: roanoke, virginia, blue ridge mountain area
ship overseas: yes
interests: reading, writing, books, magic of everyday, trees, folklore, fairy tales, ghost stories, UFO stories, old photographs, vintage papers, ephemera, photography, embroidery, tea!
thank you, relyn! xoxo

Libby said...


Good evening! I would like to participate so please count me in.
I am in the process of setting up my blog:
location: Meggett, SC
ship overseas: yes
interests: reading, knitting, photography, crocheting, collecting dolls, playing guitar, yoga, dogs, classical music, watching wildlife
shops: antique, old used book stores, estate sales

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Thank you for organizing this delightful swap!

suzyQ said...

Hi! I just got your comment on my blog, so I am a few minutes late, but just in case you can squeeze me in I am going to sign up. I love this idea! Sorry I am so late.

I will the information to you if there is still an available spot for me.

lavender breeze said...

oh i can't believe i didn't scroll down this far, my sister called me while i was going through your wondrously inspiring list & i time ran away from me...count me in!!! my computer is having crashing issues right now so i'll try to email a.s.a.p.
lots of Autumn beauty!!! {though its spring here :) }

Debby said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I sent you an email to say I would join in if I am not too late. Let me know if you didn't get the email.

ELK said...

ahem ..knock knock i toooo late..

ELK said...

Arlington Texas ..
music. gardening. photography . art
not a big shopper..thrifter

Anonymous said...

damn, damn damn... i missed the date. :(

Suz said...

Oh it's probably too late but just in case
I am a lover of all things concerning
self discovery
magical& mystical
rocks and all matters of the heart
I love old children's books, especially readers
Oh so many things....
I would love to have a pal to share autumn with!
Want to know my blogs

riki jorden said...

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