Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Poetry

from A Coney Island of the Mind

has its cookies to give out
which is a good thing
since it's been a long time since
that summer in Brooklyn
when they closed off the street
one hot day
and the
turned on their hoses
and all the kids ran out in it
in the middle of the street

and there were
maybe a couple dozen of us
out there
with water squirting up
to the

and all over

there was maybe only six of us
kids altogether
running around in our
barefeet and birthday

and I remember Molly but then
the firemen stopped squirting their hoses
all of a sudden and went
back in
their firehouse

started playing pinochle again
just as if nothing
had ever

while I remember Molly
looked at me and
ran in

because I guess really we
were the only ones there
~ Lawrence Ferlinghetti

There is a wonderful children's book version of this poem by David Frampton. It is full of the most amazing, celebratory woodcuts.


Tracy said...

What a sweet poem. Lovely to wake up to. Happy Sunday to you.

Anonymous said...

i love pictures of water play, like yours.

Marilyn said...

Childhood memories like this one are so very special. Happy Sunday and thanks so much for the memory of summers past.

Mrs. E said...

I love Ferlinghetti. I always have. He is unforgettable because he always makes me think! Great photo!!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Hope your Sunday was a great one Relyn! Such a lovely poem. Hope your week is a good one!

xo Mary Jo

Tracy said...

Oh, what fun...I just love the sweetness and joy in these lines... Running around barefoot sounds good.. Not sure I'd run around in my birthday suit for all to see though... ;o) LOL! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Derrick said...

Never got to do anything quite so frivolous as this or running through a fountain!

Jeanie said...

You always find the most delightful things!

Amy said...

That photo captures the joy of summer perfectly!

Deborah Ann said...

Aw, sweet poem! I just had to come and see you, after I read your comment about the sugar balls at CCD...

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