Friday, November 5, 2010

all that was worth knowing

summer flowers

I sat quietly and listened to all she said. Deep down I had the feeling that Oletta most likely knew all that was worth knowing, not in book-learning ways, but in the ways that really mattered, ways that let you hum songs during the day and sleep peacefully at night.
~ from
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

I've been thinking lately about wisdom. I've been wanting to collect more of it. We all have wisdom that has been hard-gained. And wisdom that was handed down along with our breakfast cereal and mother's milk. So tell me, what lets you hum songs all day and sleep peacefully at night? What do you know is true?

I'll start...
  • Write thank you notes immediately; for every little thing.(still working on this one)
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Own at least one pair of bluejeans that fits perfectly.
  • It is always better to be overdressed than under-dressed.
  • Owning a dog = a happier life
  • People become more beautiful in direct proportion to how much you love them.
  • A day without laughter is a sad, sad, waste of a day.
  • You really can smile your way into a better mood.
  • What we believe about ourselves most determines how others see us.
  • Be the one your boss/customer/client can count on.
  • Never, never, never, never, never, never, never give up!
Your turn. Please?


cristie said...

...when your feet hurt, put them up
...give everyone the benefit of the doubt
...if you can't sleep sing hymns in your head
...wash your hands when you walk in the door
...alway be thankful
...give yourself daily applause--you deserve it!

smith kaich jones said...

~ go barefoot too long in the fall and too early in the spring: your soul will thank you.
~ being indispenable is not all it's cracked up to be
~ reading a favorite childhood book when you're sick = 2 bowls of chicken soup.
~ hammocks are better at night, under the stars, even in winter. bundle up.
~ you can never have too many of your favorite pen.

and yes - the jeans thing. with a pair of high heels and great fitting jeans, you can rule the world.

:) Debi

Cinner said...

I know that life is too short, so we need to live every moment as best we can. I have learned that I am enough just as I am, I have love and know compassion, all is great.

Jeanne said...

Kindness is the highest form of wisdom.

Each step of life takes us on a journey, we grow, we learn, we pass on the best of it to our children.
My Mom and Grandma were two of the wisest people I have known.
I love you

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Wow, I love your list and am honored to add my

Understanding comes when you are sitting still

All we really have is this moment, so squeeze the juice out of it

There is no right or wrong, only lessons to learn, understanding to gain

Be yourself.

Love is all you need, but great lipstick helps. A lot.


Derrick said...

What I know to be true is that Relyn asks humdinger questions which my brain is never quite ready for!!

Tracy said...

Gotta say I agree with the owning the dog thing. That and eating chocolate even though you know you probably shouldn't. xxoo

S. Etole said...

I'm with Derrick! But I say "yes" to your list and that beautiful photo.

Rita said...

what makes me hum and sleep peacefully at night? Knowing that God loves me and that I can depend on Him!

I know that being at peace with others brings you peace within your own heart and that strife will rob you of sleep.

I love your list and I absolutely adore that picture!

Joanna said...

I always remember, "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all."

Also, smiling uses less muscles than frowning.

Encourage your kids to do what they want to do with their lives - aim high!

The dog thing - DEFINITELY!

Tell those you love that you love them. You know they know, but they still need to hear it.

Great thought provoking post today, Relyn. Thank you!


ps super photo, xx

HKatz said...

- Procrastination often stems from fear and becomes a kind of self-sabotage.
- Add to the love, kindness, beauty and truth in the world.
- If you're criticizing someone's work, be constructive and also point out specific good things the person has done too (they can learn from seeing what they did right, and it helps to not focus only on the negative).
- Laughter is a great way of easing stress and dealing with sorrow.
- Don't let yourself be a lazy thinker; question and think about your own reflexive thoughts and complacent assumptions.
- Really listen to others.
- When possible, give people the benefit of the doubt and try to consider various possibilities as to why they might have acted a certain way (instead of immediately settling on the most negative interpretation).
- Don't spread gossip.
- The whole "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" isn't true. Words can hurt. Badly. And they can stay with people for years. Choose your words carefully; think before you speak and try not to speak in anger.
- There's only one person like you, one voice that belongs to you and no one else; really sing with all your soul and body.

Roban said...

... never say no to a walk in the woods. Even when it's cold, just bundle up.

... take time to pet your dogs and say hello.

... do what you say you're going to do, even if you really don't want to.

... thank people, often.

So glad to stop by and see your words of wisdom. I am very slow on sending thank you notes. I write them very quickly. It's just the mailing that gives me trouble. And I really can't imagine a day without a dog in it!


Bee said...

Your choices really speak to the sweetness and goodness that I always sense in you . . . also the quality of always wanting to improve and be BETTER. I like that thank you one a lot. I've been reading a biography about the Duchess of Devonshire, and she mentions the beautiful thank you notes and condolence notes that John F. Kennedy wrote. She was stunned by how quickly she received them.

I've learned that I will never regret a kind deed, giving a compliment or deserved praise, spending time outside, and reading a book with/to a child. Reading through your comments, I realize that my accumulated "wisdom" seems to be shared by many others!

Oliag said...

I do have to add that owning a cat and listening to it purr as you pet it will cure what ills you have...

and you can't always get what you want...but you really may find you get what you need...

and go to art museums as often as possible...

and take photos as much as possible:)

Marilyn said...

Definite wear barefeet as long as possible - no socks allowed until your feet are almost ready to turn blue.

Also, owning a cat brings many smiles to the day.

Walk as if you know where you are going with head held high and a belief in your heart.

And definitely bluejeans that fit perfectly!

Hindsfeet said...

seasons change

feelings dont last forever

dont wear your galoshes in the summer to try and make the spring stay

elizabeth said...

when you need rest, rest (if it's at all possible) and enjoy it. (the saying, "what you resist, persists" is true for needing rest as well.)

love love love this photo.

Jeanie said...

A wonderful list of wise things. I need to take some of those to heart as well!

Jaime said...

You have collected some wonderful truths, my friend.

The last one makes me smile. I was given a cartoon once with a bird holding a frog...he's about to eat the frog, and the frog has his hands tight around the bird's throat....that caption reads, never never give up. It's very cute.

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