Thursday, November 4, 2010

my kind of girl

I'm feeling proud just now. Tonight Sloane participated in Night of the Notables. Each student chose a famous person they admire to research. They wrote a biography, created a PowerPoint presentation, a life box, and a poster about the person without giving who it was away. Tonight 56 children arrived in the gym in costumes and stood beside their displays. All the parents walked around and guessed who each student was. It was hilarious to see parents using their smart phones to Google and figure each character out.

Sloane's person stumped almost everyone. I teared up when I read the first two lines of her report. Sloane wrote "___________ was the bravest little girl on Earth. By the time she was six years old, she had changed the minds of many people in New Orleans." Sloane went on to tell about how this little girl helped desegregate Louisiana's school system.

Do you know who Sloane's Notable was yet?

Tonight Sloane was Ruby Bridges, and I was so proud. The gym was full of children who admire Disney pop stars, princesses, professional athletes, and Angelina Jolie. My daughter? Sloane admires Ruby Bridges. No, I don't think there is anything wrong with admiring a football or baseball player, but I'd rather my child's hero be someone who sacrifices to do what is right. Someone of great courage. Someone who faces injustice head on. Someone who changes the world, one small, white Ked-wearing step at a time.

Someone like Ruby Bridges.

If we let them, our children teach us many lessons. They make us think about who we are and who we are becoming. They raise questions that need to be asked.

Who do I admire?
If I were to dress up, who would I be?
Who do I plan to emulate?
Are my heroes women who are beautiful, but not much else?
Are they princesses because I dream of the dresses and tiaras?


Are my heroes strong women who make a difference?
Do I want to emulate women of courage who stand up against injustice?
Do I care more about beauty or substance?
What kind of woman am I becoming?
What kind of example am I setting?
Who are my heroes?

I'll take Ruby Bridges. Every time.


beth said...

the apple doesn't fall from the tree does it :)
bravo to her !

Marilyn said...

Wow! You linked to my Strong Woman series. Thanks so much! That series definitely left me with many thoughts about strong women. I think if I could be one of the women I wrote about it would be Amelia Earhart, I loved the way she dressed and the adventurous heart she had to dare to do something even if she failed.

You have taught your daughter well. Ruby Bridges is a perfect role model.

anna said...

I am so glad for her, and glad for your joy in her choice! Here in Indianapolis the Children's Museum has an incredible interactive display about three child heroes, one of whom is Ruby Bridges. It makes me cry- Every. Single. Time. What bravery!
Thanks for sharing this heart story!

karey m. said...

well. this just did me in tonight.

all misty.

you give that little sloane a smooch from all the women in this house.

we are impressed and psyched that she's walking around in the world.


suzyQ said...

What a wonderful daughter you have! I imagine Sloane really taught those Hannah Montana admirers what it really means for someone to set an example. You go girl!

This is so beautiful, Relyn.

smith kaich jones said...

Relyn - How big was your heart when you learned Sloane's choice? I am so applauding you & her & your hubby. This is such a positive, wonderful note in this week full of bitter words. It makes me believe.


ELK said...

what a wonderful choice for her to ..I am so proud of her!!

spread your wings said...

what a special and smart daughter you have. she's going to grow up and make changes in the world i do believe. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - you have taught her well.

Jeanne said...

God bless all the Ruby Bridges of our world and you and yours.
Love Jeanne

Oliag said...

Wonderful! This must have made you beam...but I can guess where she gets her inspiration from...

I am curious if your daughter goes to a public or a private school...she seems to have such interesting projects...

Amy said...

Oh for crying out loud! There I go again ... tears. But it's just so precious ... and gives us hope for the future yet!

Jessica said...

What an amazing project! I am so impressed with Sloane's school and Sloane for picking such a wonderful notable--I have a soft spot for Ruby Bridges. I hope you've been well (I'm back to writing!)

Kelli said...

Wow. Sloane is obviously a terrific young lady. :) And I do believe that has something to do with her upbringing. You tell her that there are many ladies out here in blogland who are extremely impressed with her. :)

Tracy said...

What a beautiful choice... Miss Sloane is very wise for her tender years. I admire her gumption, when everyone else chose very different people for their topics. Who are my heroes?... that is great question, Relyn. I will have a think on that one myself... Happy Weekend to you all :o) ((HUGS))

Lubna said...

Sloane is a precious girl. It is a beautiful story and Mrs. Henry also deserves a lot of applause. Relyn, I am sure you are as excellent a teacher as her.

Suz said...

wow Relyn what a daughter you have
bless her big heart

Patti said...

What an amazing activity as well as an amazing little girl (both!)! Thank you so much for the postcard- THAT made my day- YOU make my day... and glad you like my playlist. Happy Friday- yippee!!!

missy k said...

I am going to share this post with my

and meanwhile will be thinking about the questions you posed.

Well done Sloane.... inspiring!


Erin Wallace said...

What a wonderful girl you are raising.

S. Etole said...

you are both to be congratulated ...

Rita said...

These are some tough questions to ask yourself. I am so proud of Sloane's choice. You and Jeffrey have been very good parents to her and you have instilled many good things into her. I am proud of you guys too along with her. I love you.

Roban said...

What a special girl you have there. How wonderful that her heart is so big and that her vision is so clear. I know you are proud of your Sloane.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Sloane is pretty special. I applaud the school for having such a great activity to not only get the kids but the parents involved. Did anyone guess who Sloane was?

Debby said...

Yeah for Sloane. I so agree that princesses, movie stars and football players are not heroes. But Sweet Ruby was. I love that print of her walking in her Keds. How much courage that took and it took courage for your daughter as well to do her project on her hero. Good girl you have there.

Jennifer Richardson said...

It's a beautiful thing
to see a girl grow into the
force to be reckoned with
she was born to be.
Like her mother,
Sloane will build
and be
light that swallows
Thanks for sharing
such a hopeful thing:)

Christina said...

When the photo popped up, my heart warmed...Ruby.

Jeanie said...

Go Sloane! I loved that book -- she picked a fine person! You must be proud!

Jaime said...

That amazing girl of yours is wise WAYYYY beyond her years. I'm so impressed.

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