Monday, November 15, 2010

feeling lazy and rushed

Each year NaBloPoMo gives me a fresh respect for bloggers who manage to create a good post every day. It's amazing. Today, for me - not gonna happen. So, I was scrolling through old unused posts and found this one. Don't ask me why I never posted it. I have no idea. It might be interesting to those of you who are new here. Plus, it counts for a post today.

Originally written on 12/31/09
I know I'm a little late with my Best Of lists. But, I didn't want to move fully into the new year until I'd completely appreciated the old. So, here, in this space, I wanted to do a sort of year in review.

In January I committed to saying yes.
In February I showed you what is at the heart of my teaching.
In March I shared my passions.
In April I shared a life-long habit.
In May I introduced you to my love.
In June I gave you another list.
In July I took you with my to San Francisco.
In August we went for a walk.
In September I had a silly celebration.
In October you met my mother-in-law.
In November I told you a love story.
In December I wrote another list.


Suz said...

just perfect
I wish I made lists like that
not the bread kind
you are an inspiration
and a healing soul in this world gone crazy with
lack of manners
you...whatever you write..write it from the heart..and all will be well

Jennifer Richardson said...

Why does reading your lists
feel like getting
a massage?
Always loved lists.
Especially love yours.

Rita said...

I always enjoy your lists. I enjoyed going back and reading some of your earlier posts too. Hope you week goes really great.

Andrea said...

Love your lists....missed coming by as often. Hope you will forgive me.
Blessings and prayers,

Jakki said...

Very creative...I like.

lakeviewer said...

I don't know how you do it all.

Marilyn said...

There is something fun in discovering textures to photograph. Nice shot and lovely list. I do remember some of those stories.

smith kaich jones said...

i remember these stories, remember san francisco. i am glad you saved this post for now, for a bit of remembering. perfect timing, wonderfully told.


Oliag said...

...I just love your lists!

Jeanne said...

Big healing hugs for Sloane and much love to you..........
I love everything you post.
Much love

Jeanie said...

It works for me, my friend. No one can make a list sing more beautifully than you!

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