Wednesday, December 1, 2010

places to go, sights to see

watercolor roses

Week 26 of the Wednesday lists.

Oh man! This is going to take me a lot longer than a year. The idea originally came from Hula via Jeanine, and it's based on the wonderful book Listography. According to the author, the book was designed to help the owner create an autobiography through list making. That was the point here, too. As much as I love list-making, I thought it would be a cinch. Yeah, right. It seems I don't do anything well on demand.

A shortened version of my travel wish list

Florida Keys
the Hebredies
Barcelona, Spain
Cornwall, England
Musée de l'Orangerie
Pennsylvania Dutch country
Monarch Butterfly Reserve in Mexico
Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Oregon
Northern Lights and polar bears in the wild
Neuschwanstein castle in Germany
New Orleans Garden District
Bryce Canyon National Park
Christmas market in Vienna
Joshua Tree National Park
Vermont in autumn
Great Wall of China
ferry tour of Alaska
Machu Picchu
Venice, Italy
Ground Zero

What about you? Where do you want to go?


Yiota said...

Oh, yes! Greece IS worth a visit.
Scotland is my number one destination.

Jeanne said...

Anywhere where my Son and his wife are if God's blessings allow back to Hawaii once more..........
Love you

Jeannine said...

What a fabulous idea, these lists!

Your photograph is beautiful and your list inspires and reminds me of some places I've visited (the Florida Keys and the Garden District in New Orleans, Joshua Tree).

I'd like to go to Boston too, and Italy.

Thank you for sharing. I see some listmaking in my future.

Amy said...

Oh, you MUST visit Denmark ... I absolutely love it there. Sigh. And Neuschwanstein castle is definitely on my list ... and Venice ... and a million other places ...

ELK said...

what a marvelous list .. this has given me pause to think of all the places to go..L O V E the image too!!

HKatz said...

You will love Boston - have a picnic in Boston Commons, walk the Freedom Trail...

And Ground Zero, they're rebuilding there now. But the place is still brutally scarred. You feel it, even years later. There's a chapel nearby, St. Paul's chapel, an 18th century church where George Washington prayed... it's right across the street from Ground Zero. Several trees shielded the church from the falling debris on 9/11, and it was used as the base for the rescue and recovery workers and clean-up crews following the attacks. There's a moving exhibit on the WTC and the rescue workers there; I cried walking through it.

suzyQ said...

Lovely list. I am going to Paris i April and that is all I can think about! I also love the texture of this photo... it is so interesting and artsy! Hope you are enjoying your first day of December :)


Char said...


Dorit said...

Iceland is at the top of my list, it's our closest neighbour, but I've never been there. Would love to spend a day in Copenhagen with you. Lived there for most of my twenties.

Yolanda said...

I would love to visit so many of the same ones.

cristie said...

dear relyn...i'm happy to just stay home. home home home...i can never get enough. xox

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Usually my list is very similar to yours...but not this time! I've never really wanted to travel to other countries...but I have tons of places in the U.S. I still haven't seen. I've been to the Keys a few times and New both, great choices!

jackie said...

i would love to go to rome, alaska, and nyc!

beth said...

ohhhh i'm kind of with char on this one....tuscany is a dream of mine....

you could always add wisconsin to your list and come and see me :)

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I like your list Relyn, you're inspiring me to make one. I love your picks--Christmas market in Vienna, how romantic! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

xo Mary Jo

Dandy said...

Christmas market in vienna has me intrigued!

Joshua Tree surprised me and I'm wondering what put that on your list. If you ever go, I'll meet you there! Bryce Canyon is gorgeous and I've been to several other places on your list but now I want to make one of my own!

Lately I've been dreaming of the northern lights, how magical.

Debbie said...

I have to say that HHBL and I really want to go to China. Also a more extended trip to Australia and New Zealand. Our last trip there was too short. I would so like to go to Egypt.

Love your list. Such blog fodder for me. I have to think about it.

Connie said...

love the list and the photo. I am still trying to get to Italy!

Georgianna said...

Brilliant list, dear Relyn!! And that photo – LOVE! Did you know there is a Flickr group called Intentional Camera Movement? I have done a lot of that type of photography and it's about my favorite.

As for travel, I've been fortunate to visit many of the places I've dreamed of. My favorite place is Scotland and I spent two summers exploring the Outer Hebrides. I had a quick trip to Venice and a perfect week in Peru, overnighting at Machu Picchu. And I got to enjoy autumn in Vermont.

But there are so many more destinations. Prague is high on my list right now, too. And Provence. The only problem is, visiting places on your list doesn't take them OFF your list, because you want to go back! So, the list grows... I hope your travel dreams become reality sooner than you think, dear friend. love, – g

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Bali! That's been on my wish list for 20 years now. Someday! Also more of the English countryside (I fell in love with it!), Ireland. And Joshua Tree! Keep hearing so much about it. Maybe we can meet there! A lovely weekend to you, Miss!

Dutchbaby said...

I've been eight places on your list. I agree with all those on your list plus: Kenya, Patagonia, penguins in Antartica, space shuttle launch (am I too late for that?), Turkey, Jerusalem, Kyoto, Grand Canyon (can you believe that I haven't been?), can't decide about Las Vegas, Argentina, Thailand, Shanghai, Australia, New Zealand, etc. etc. etc.

Lynnelise said...

Thanks Relyn! Your list and all of the resulting comments have added to my already long list of "places to see before I die"! I have been to Greece (during the Olympics!; New Zealand; Israel; and Petra Jordan. Have always wanted to go to Italy... and France... and Africa ... and China... and and and

As a wise woman once said...
"I haven't been EVERYWHERE, but it's definitely on my list!"

and thanks Relyn, for your comment on my blog- it HAS been a while... you've inspired me to begin again!

Tracy said...

All of those places - plus to the moon and back! Have a super weekend! xxoo

dulcy said...

You better start packing now girl! Can we make it a twosome? I have your little sweeties on Monday.

Marilyn said...

So many places I would love to visit, such as Taiwan, Thailand, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Norway, many places in the US including the Grand Canyon, always love France, more time in Spain, a warm island to bask in the sun. Yes, a cruise to Alaska to see the Northern Lights and polar bears in the wild. The list could go on and on. Right now I am hoping for Jordan in March.

Oliag said...

I am happy traveling anywhere as long as I know I will be coming home soon:) I would love to return to Italy and France and England...and Portugal. I would love to newly visit the Greek Islands, Vietnam, Thailand, Quebec and Montreal...the last two are the only likely ones:)

Tracy said...

Hi, Relyn! We're back from our Thanksgiving/USA trip--had wonderful time! I'm slowing getting to visiting and such though, as I've not been feeling too well in recent days--but getting there. Great to be catching up with you and back in blogland. Just having been traveling this post of yours really struck a chord!So many place I want to go to...tops at the list are France, Italy, Japan, India and Australia. :o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Derrick said...

And what's up with mainland Scotland?!

Jaime said...

Have you ever seen that show Doc Martin? Takes place in a little village in Cornwall...and ever since, I have wanted to visit. Actually, I sometimes find myself daydreaming that I could maybe live there.

smith kaich jones said...

i have no idea, non traveller that i am, except india, always india, but your list fascinates with its specifics. i feel a need to build a list, a specific list, a love list. you have inspired me.


elizabeth said...

I am enjoying the magic of your photo.

Love the list! Definitely some similarities (Greece, Prague, Istanbul, Vancouver, the Monarch Butterfly Reserve, the Shakespeare Festival, polar bears, New Orleans, Joshua Tree, Vermont (all of New England) in autumn). Also Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, Budapest, Iceland, Patagonia, New Zealand, Morocco, Africa, Tuscany & Naples, Portugal, the Sundance Film Festival. I'm sure there are more. Clearly I need to get going. ;)

tschitschi said...

I really want to go everywhere, but Sicily, New Zealand and Japan are high on my list!

Gigi said...

Great list! I went to grad school in Vermont, and it's beautiful any time of year, but fall and winter are spectacular.

If you visit Boston, I'll meet you there, and show you around my home away from home!

Venice is next on my list of places to visit. Wanna meet me there? :)

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