Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Morning Poetry

on the bridge

Clenched Soul

We have lost even this twilight.
No one saw us this evening hand in hand
while the blue night dropped on the world.

I have seen from my window
the fiesta of sunset in the distant mountain tops.

Sometimes a piece of sun
burned like a coin in my hand.

I remembered you with my soul clenched
in that sadness of mine that you know.

Where were you then?
Who else was there?
Saying what?
Why will the whole of love come on me suddenly
when I am sad and feel you are far away?

The book fell that always closed at twilight
and my blue sweater rolled like a hurt dog at my feet.

Always, always you recede through the evenings
toward the twilight erasing statues.

by Pablo Neruda


Lubna said...

A beautiful photograph to go with beautiful words. Have a nice Sunday.

Tracy said...

Kind of a sad poem. I LOVE the photo!

Jennifer Richardson said...

so feeling those words
...what melancholy motion.
Love the captured distance
in the photo, too.
Wishing you nearness
of everything dear to you
this day, Relyn:)

Rita said...

You're just getting better and better at the photography! Love the picture. I even enjoyed the reading, though it seems they were so sad! Merry Christmas. I so hate that I didn't get to see you last week.

HKatz said...

Pablo Neruda is often really good at writing about longing and pining for love with every fiber of his body. I like the startling images in the poem (like the sweater as the hurt dog and night dropping onto the world... makes you think of the dropped sweater too)

And I love the photo - the sense of distance and half-light/half-shadow.

Char said...

i love his work

susanna said...

Oh, Pablo Neruda. HKatz is right in her description of the poet. Noone can write a poem of longing and love like him.

S. Etole said...

Such a poignant pairing ...

lakeviewer said...

Can't get enough of Neruda.

Jeffrey said...

Neruda -- I love that you chose him this morning. He lends beauty to sadness and longing like no one else. When I read Neruda, I know that there is beauty in life, even when it is sorrow tinged and uncertain. Great choice for today.

Pearl Maple said...

Beautiful combination of words and image, thanks for sharing

Cinner said...

loved the photograph and his words.hugs to you.

Amy said...

Oh, I love that photo ...

Marilyn said...

Such peacefulness is here. Twilight has come and in a few short hours it will be time to tuck that blue sweater under my head and sleep. Thank you so much.

Jeanie said...

So lovely, as always.

Catching up before I leave tomorrow for a week. I've preposted so there will be new things, but can't answer comments for a few days. Do stop by though!

Connie said...

sigh...lovely...just stopping by to say Hi!

Deborah Carr said...

Pablo Neruda shows us how to live at the sharp edge of emotion...the peaks and valleys, the bittersweet joys and sorrows...but I think this is how it is meant to be.

But too often, we fear the edges, don't we? We like to remain soft and safe, in the middle.

Anonymous said...

this photo puts me at ease...thank you.

Jaime said...

I recently got myself a book of Pablo Neruda...such beautiful writing. Funny how we both added one of his poems to our posts in recent days.
The myriad of ways we are connected my friend. xo

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Great shot, Relyn! Love your Sunday morning poetry! One of my FB profile photos is of me on a beach holding the sun in my hands so I particularly love that line in the poem. Happy December!

smith kaich jones said...

i began my day reading jaime's neruda poem and here i am at the end of the evening, reading yours. perfect bookends for my day.


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