Thursday, February 10, 2011

owning my talents

Week a 34 of the Wednesday lists.
I've said before that I think it's important to celebrate our accomplishments. I think it's also important to own our talents and skills.

Ferris Wheel and caboose

Things I Do Well

I'm a great audience member. I always smile, clap a lot, and I don't talk.
calculate sale percentages in my head
encourage the talents of others
communicate without words
notice beauty around me
loading a dishwasher
finding a good deal
managing children
public speaking
making lists
tell stories
intuit people
remember colors
plan great parties
I can get any stain out
remembering song lyrics
create ice cream sundaes
teaching writing to children
doing and not simply acquiring
make our home comfortable and pretty
I can do basic math as fast as a calculator
convince friends to spend their money as we shop
talk to someone when we don't speak the same language

What are you good at?

This picture doesn't really go with anything, but it's one I took ages ago and have never shown you.


Jeanne said...

How beautiful indeed.
You are a great friend too
Love you

beth said...

i love this list....
and dang you took many of my "things i'm good at"...

i'm good at....typing fast, organizing anything, talking and laughing and most of all seeing both sides of the story.....

GraceGal said...

What a great post! I am good at encouraging, praying,organizing, weeding out, smiles, reading, leading Bible Studies, being a grandmother and I hope so much more than I can think of right now. :)

Amy said...

I love the design of the words. And the way you sneaked in "cough" made me snicker. :)

You definitely inspire!

S. Etole said...

What fun shape you are in!

I support the chocolate industry well ...

Dawn said...

Wow! Your math skills amaze me! I'm awful at it and refuse to get better! And I'm not good with little kids. Unless they are obediant.... :). Love this idea--I'll have to do some thinking!

Suz said...

Oh how I have a friend like you
she drags me out so she can enjoy me spending my money!
that is so funny
I like this list...I think I need to do this one..I'm feeling a bit down today
need remembering the good that I am
thank you sweet sister of lists

Gigi said...

You and I share many talents. I mean many. Wow.

Oh, except I'm terrible at managing children. Older teenagers and young adults--yes. A room full of little ones? I'm terrible!!! And I know this because I was a substitute teacher briefly in college. I subbed for an art teacher, and it's a miracle no one cut off their hand with the paper slicer. I'm not kidding. :)

Love you, woman of many talents. xo

Rita said...

I couldn't come up with a list like that, but I know one thing for sure, your'e good at all of the things you listed!

christinelaennec said...

I do hope you're feeling much better now. This is a great list - I would try to think of a few things myself but as it's past my bedtime the only thing in my head is "I'm not very good at getting to bed on time!" The shape of your list reminds me of the mouse's tale in Alice in Wonderland.

Bee said...

Beautiful list, Relyn. As bridge players say, it has length, strength and shape.

I, too, am good at public speaking -- interesting, as it such a phobia for so many people.
I'm also good at drawing people out . . . and talking to strangers.
And making cookies. xx

WhiteStone said...

Some but not all of the above. lol.
I make awesome home-made bread.
I'm also good at procrastination. I don't think that fits in this list.

Diane said...

I love your list - food for thought. Hope you're feeling better.

Char said...

i like the list. you have some of mine.

a good listener, cook well from scratch, explainer, great at math, exceptional map reader and direction giver, good photographer, have great shoulders to cry on, trivia rememberer, present buyer, and make a mean pot of coffee.

Jennifer Richardson said...

what a delicious list!
I love this.
Sending my imagination
out on a trail I've never
traveled before:)

jackie said...

what a beautiful list!

Marilyn said...

I laugh when I see that you can get stains out. I was picturing you taking the scissors and cutting the ones out that you couldn't get out another way. I'm good at being a friend even when a friend doesn't reciprocate. I am good at eating chocolates. I have about wiped out the heart of chocolates my husband gave me last Saturday.

Susan said...

I actually think the picture is perfect to go along with your list...because it proves you need to add "eye for a great photo".

Lovely, simply lovely.

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