Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Happy List

Week 40 of the Wednesday lists
This happy list has been in my side bar for the three years I have been blogging. Have you ever read it? It's a really good list; a list of things that never, ever fail to make me happy. What things would be on your list?

diamonds and roses

little girls
brown eggs
french toast
Frank Sinatra
Godiva truffles
summer tomatoes
a room full of books
hot pink post-it notes
Rosamund Pilcher stories
the sound of rain on a tin roof
vintage bicycle with bell & basket
first two Anne movies by K. Sullivan
the busy ants crawling in peonies
raspberries on baby bellies
the taste of honeysuckle
cupcakes and lollipops
magnolia blossoms
Victoria magazine
children laughing
gorgeous hats
office supplies
smell of lilacs
library sales
polka dots
tiny toes


Sweet Tea said...

Little girls with BIG bows

Love your list!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Days with friends, musical soundtrack songs to sing a long with, driving into the mountains, snuggling, and cupcakes from Tea Bar and Bites! XX

S. Etole said...

coming here
unexpected notes in the mail
a poem

d smith kaich jones said...

i've read your happy list several times and each time it seems i see something new. that smile it brings goes on my list.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Magnolia blossoms for sure!!!

christinelaennec said...

Yes I have read your happy list! I like that it is circular, beginning and ending with love. On my happy list would be seeing my family's smiles.

Tracy said...

LOVE your lists, Relyn! Love is always at the top of my list too... and in the middle... and at the end. ;o) In between at the moment I'd add--hubby's smile, my niece's laugh, kitty Charlie's purr, pink roses, pistachio gelato, strawberry shortcake, patchouli roll-on scent, polka dot Cath Kidston bookbag, library books, iced green jasmine tea, flip flops, colored Sharpie pens, well... you get the idea. ;o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

alexa said...

That's made me think! A lovely list ... I'd have to have 'tea' on my list.:)

amelia said...

What a wonderful list {every time I read it}!

I might add ... the scent of fresh cut grass ... balloons ... bare feet in the sand ...

Once I start, it's hard to stop--I guess this would be a good exercise when I'm feeling the least bit happy! :)

Mountain Thyme said...

beautiful dirt and pine needle smell after a rain, walking the dog, kissing the cat, facetime with my children, the evening breeze, my little tomatoes coming on, the beginning of a new day, a good book, memories, fresh bread in the oven, home made fresh cheese, hand crafted soap,,,,.....

Patti said...

Relyn!!! First of all I really apologize for not being! Your wedding photographs are just heavenly and so dreamy- you must be so proud!!! Love your list- see it all the time when I visit...and YOU make me happy. Hope you are having a Happy summer and more so now that Summer School is out!

HKatz said...

Love, magnolia blossoms, and library sales are things of beauty I agree :) Great list overall too; I had seen it on your sidebar, but it's a good reminder to have it here too.

Chris Graham said...

I love it and no I had not discovered it yet. I plan to think about my own happy list.

Marilyn said...

I noticed something new too. It is gorgeous hats. I think I have one you should have, it's vintage too. I almost put it out at my garage sale today, but it just said it should go to someone that could love it. I will save it just for you. Oh yes, lilacs, Rosamund Pilcher stories, cupcakes and lollipops - what could be better!

Debby said...

Love, kisses, Little girls (and boys)
children laughing
tiny toes

I need to start a happy list. Have a great restful summer.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh I have read
(and loved) it many times speaks to me
and billows and lifts.
And that photo
...Relyn you've become
such an AMAZING photographer!
Someday I'm going to fly to you
and have you take mine:)
Thanks for all of the joy
that you share
and are,

Jaime said...

Oh yes! What Debi said!
I have read it many times, only to discover new things each time. But your blog is like one giant list of happy things. Sometimes in list form, other times in prose, and others in poetry, and others in pictures.
You just make me happy, my friend.

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