Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Celebration Swap, take two

The Autumn Celebration Swap is an exchange of lovely gifts with an emphasis on autumn. We did this last year and had a marvelous times. So many new friendships were made, and I encourage you to get in on the fun. Here in North America, October is when the days begin grow cooler and the nights longer. It's a perfect time for curling up with a good book and wearing something cozy. The Autumn Celebration Swap is for anyone who appreciates autumn, personal mail, and presents. I love, love, love mail and presents top my list of favorite things. I love the shopping, the choosing, the wrapping. I love ribbons and paper, stamps, and addresses. I adore this season, and I want to celebrate with other like-minded souls.

Autumn Celebration Swap

Exchange Details

Swap Partners: I will do my best to pair you with someone who has similar interests. You do not have to have a blog to participate, but you should have some sort of online presence. Please remember that it will be harder for your partner to get to know you if you don't have a blog, Facebook, Flickr account - something. You are also welcome to participate if you do not live in the USA as long as you are OK with the shipping.

Interests: Please be sure to include all the requested information in the comments section of this post. You can email me with questions, too. You'll find my email address on the profile page. You'll want to include your favorite links, Etsy shops, etc. so you can give your partner an idea of your style and tastes.

Gift Details: Your package can include anything you care to wrap and ship. However, please be sure to include at least these three things:
  • something created by you - by hand, on the computer, with a camera...
  • a perfect book for these long,long evenings - gently used books would be even better
  • something, anything that speaks of autumn to you & a note explaining the connection
As to financial guidelines, please plan to spend around $20, not including shipping. Obviously, you are welcome to spend more, but having a guideline might make everyone more comfortable. If you sign up, you are committing to sending a package filled with thought and love. Please plan to put real time and effort into the things you send, as well as how you present it.

Dates: Sign ups will remain open until Sunday, October 2 at midnight Central time. That gives us one week to sign up and to spread the word. Please do tell a friend! Partners will be assigned Monday, October 3. You will have 2 weeks to get to know your partner, shop, wrap, and send your package. Plan to mail your package by October 17.

Sign Up

To sign up, just comment on this post. Be sure to include all the information requested below. You won't need to include your address, as you can exchange that via email after you receive your partner.

Website (blog, Flickr, shop)
Email Address
Location (city, state, country)
Are you willing to send overseas?
What are your interests?
Favorite shops?
Anything else you'd like to mention? (special requests, notes, etc)

If you are participating, would you please consider adding a link on your blog? Feel free to use the photo, too, if you'd like. I hope you'll play along. Let's celebrate autumn together.


Debby said...

I'd love to do this again It was so much fun last year.
Hope I remember all the information:
Debby Messner

My interest are mostly family and my wonderful grandchildren. I love doing projects, mostly paper ones like scrapbooking and making mini books. I love teddy bears, anitque and vintage items. Things that have been well worn and used and the stories behind them. Fall is such a great season. Love the colors, festivals, pumpkin patches and time spent with family.

Jeanne said...

Good luck on the swap.
I am back posting.
Please come visit if you can.
Love Jeanne

spread your wings said...

i'd like to join in on the autumn swap
atlanta, GA
i love the outdoors.
i like books of historical fiction- particularly artists.
anthropology is one of my favorite retail store
hope that gives a good idea of me

meeta said...

Ah! Relyn what a lovely idea....I love Autumn, the transition, there is something in the air around this Pixie dust...which touches the heart and soothes it like a balm.

Marilyn said...

Last year you sent me Jeanie, I would love to find who you pick for me this year. Marilyn - website - blog
Portland, Oregon, US
Yes, overseas
Interests: reading, love historical novels and much, much more, TEA, traveling, outdoors, flowers and candles, all things beautiful. Love visiting antique shops and taking photographs.

Jeanie said...

And, as Marilyn said, we were swap partners last year and it was the best! Can't wait!

Lansing, MI, US
yes, overseas
Interests -- books, art, collage, cats (specifically orange boys!), Paris, cooking, travel, my home, photography, water (the sea, lakes, etc.), England, Christmas, Halloween, antiquing, lemon, flowers, tea (not coffee!), postcard collecting...I suppose I should stop now.
Favorite shops? book and antique stores, home and garden, Anthropologie, DickBlick
Anything else you'd like to mention? I have lots of fragrance allergies. I'm pretty OK with what I call natural fragrance, so long as it's not too strong -- citrus, cinnamon, but floral kicks my asthma into full gear!

Thanks, Relyn!

Patti said...

Hi Relyn~ Saw this earlier but I didn't have the time to respond- YES!!!! Sign me up! Looking forward to it- so much fun last year!

Matteson , IL
Interests- reading, travel, outdoors, water (lakes, oceans), crafting (stamping,papercrafting, cross-stitching, jewelry), vintage, shabby chic, antiques,
Halloween (!!!), Autumn, candles, coffee, tea, collage,jounaling, poetry, candles (in seasonal scents), cookbooks, photography
Fav stores- anything vintage and/or crafty

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and so glad you visited Thistle Cove Farm so I could return the visit and play along.
thistlecovefarms at gmail dot com
Appalachian Mountains, Tazewell County, VA, USA
Yes, I'll send overseas
interests include taking care of my husband, my farm, wool, friends, knitting, quilting, my animals, making jewelery, traveling. Favorite color is green.
I don't have any favorite shops but I am a Christian.

Jennifer said...

Such a clever creative way to love!
Swooning over this:)
Absolutely....I'm IN!
Jennifer Richardson
Pineville, N.C.
overseas is fine
interests: LIFE, gardens and growing things, art, words(my favorite art supplies!), beauty.
Favorite shops? Honestly, I rarely shop. I adore etsy, whole foods, REI, garden center and my art supply store (Binders).
wow...I live a simple life:)

Thanks Relyn...I love you
and your artful life:)

Suz said...

I missed it last year!
Hope I'm in this year
I live in Illinois
I love all things of nature,old children's books,old photos,haiku,collage,zen,wabi sabi,
old pottery,feathers,cats,...stuff
of paper,
I love making soup the first sign of autumn
I'll send overseas

Jenny said...

Hiya Relyn,

I'd love to join in again! I had so much fun 'meeting' Patti last year! Thanks so much for hosting this again. HUGS jenny

UK (obviously happy to post overseas)

I'm a card maker & paper crafter. I make jewellery. I love patterned paper & shiny beads! Being creative heals my soul! I like vintage furniture, thrifting, candy, anything with leaves on, American history, the written and spoken word. I like to shop at Folksy or Etsy or craft markets.

Amy said...

So glad I didn't miss out!

Boise, ID
Willing to send overseas
I love to read and write, travel, have long chats with friends over a steaming mug of goodness, snap photos. Autumn is my favorite time of year--perhaps it's the colors, or the shorter days (candles)!

As for shops ... I love specialty paper stores, Anthropology warms my heart ... and any store that sells fabulous vintage finds!

Dorit said...

Oh, I wanted to join in, forgot it, and remembered again when I saw your comment today (thank you for that). Am I too late? If so, I hope I'll get an invitation again next autumn :) :)

Dorit said...

Thanks for letting me join :)

dorithansen4 at gmail dot com
Faroe Islands
Overseas ;)
Books, good stories, schooling, children, home, design, knitting, ok I'll stop.
Bookstores, teashops and yarn-lifestyle stores.

Oldies, but Goodies