Monday, October 31, 2011

Who says Monday is a blue day?

at the Grand Canyon

I am having a fantastic day and I wanted to come share the love.
Yes, it's the 31st and that means teaching is nearly impossible.
Yes, tomorrow will be even worse because of all the sugar highs.
Yes, I had two students fighting today and that always makes me sad.

True, true, true.

But, it's all in what you choose to focus on.

Like having a wonderful job in a tough economy.
Like laughing with students and watching them enjoy the season.
Like finding out a cancer scare was an empty threat.
Like knowing a beloved brother in law heals a bit more each day.

Attitude is everything, my friends. Everything.

And we are all so blessed.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you: attitude is everything. I tire of the negative nellies who only find fault with everything and everyone. I prefer a more upbeat, realistic attitude. Happy is what happy does.

rachel awes said...

blessed indeed.
much love.

Jenny said...

Have to agree,'s so important to focus on the blessings. I list all the positive things that happen each day (even if it's just a mental list not a written one). Thanks for checking in on me...the swap is still in progress as we had our little parcel has arrived safe with Jeanie and she's about to post mine, so all is well! Will you be posting what you gave/received?

Joanna said...

Good to hear that you can find the positives in life - and GREAT news about being given the cancer all clear.


Cinner said...

Relyn it is true we have so many blessings, have a wonderful Halloween. Hopefully the kids won't be too crazy from all the sugar. lol.

spread your wings said...

i agree it's all in the attitude - we can choose to have a good one or a bad one every day.

susanna said...

Oh yes, Relyn, I agree. A change in attitude - or at least the effort to change one's attitude, as I've learned recently - can open our eyes to hopeful, new possibilities.

That's good news about the empty cancer scare and that your brother in law is healing.

Have a happy Halloween tonight! Btw, what's Sloane dressing up as this year?

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Adore your attitude! Wish so many others could see the value of such a one (but that's one of the many things blogs are great for: spreading the word). Thank you for sharing and hope you have several more this week, and next week and next month...
Happy Halloween to you!

Sweet Tea said...

You nailed it, GF.
The good in a day always out numbers the not-so-good. Great reminder!!

Marilyn said...

Yes, so true! Attitude is everything. I wish you could see the attitude sitting here writing to you. The pink tutu is on, along with a black wig and feather boa. Just had to do it to celebrate the day with attitude.

elizabeth said...

Blessed indeed. Thank you for the reminder.

I might be on a sugar high myself; I was just dipping into the caramel filled chocolate cups while my soup was heating. (Therein lies the one downside of not having a microwave. ;)

tinajo said...

I agree - attutude is everything and you portray that so great with this post. :-)

Jeanne said...


Amy said...

Oh yes, we are so blessed--it's true.

And I LOVE that photo! It makes me smile.

Deborah Carr said...

You're so right. Our outlook is a choice we make in multitudes during the day. I'm feeling very happy for your wonderful day. Thanks for passing on the joy.

HKatz said...

Attitude is everything, my friends. Everything.

It's true. If you haven't already I'd recommend you read Man's Search for Meaning (it's by Viktor Frankl, a psychologist who survived a few concentration camps, including Auschwitz). He speaks a lot in that book about choosing our attitude in any given situation in life, even the worst, and how it can make all the difference (and how it's part of finding our meaning in life). Reacting well, being good, is a choice.

And I agree with you that we're blessed too :) If only the human mind were better able to dwell on these blessings with as much emphasis and frequency as it does the negative occurrences around us...

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