Tuesday, August 14, 2012

fifth grade

Today was a big day for me as a momma...

It was the first day Sloane has ever gone to school without either Jeffrey or I in the building.  
I have to admit, my stomach hurt a little bit as I dropped her off. 
At the door.  
She didn't need me to walk her in. 

My heart ached a little, even as I was so proud of her.  
I wasn't worried about her, of course not.
I was sad, because she took another step away. 
A necessary one, yes.

But still...

A friend of mine is about to send her daughter to college. 
Last Sunday was likely the last time their family will ever worship consistently together. 
You know what it's like once they go off to college.
Elyse is just 8 years older than Sloane. 

And my heart aches a little more. 

And I get up, wipe my eyes, and remind myself that these days are fleeting.
I'd better make them count. 


Sweet Tea said...

Your daughter is lovely!
Today WAS a big day for you and for her! It seems lots of us Mom's are having a bit of separation anxiety with our kids - I've been noticing that around blogland. Perhaps those posts have caught my eye since I am having my own separation issues with my grown married son moving far away. Change is hard on we Mom's, regardless of the age of our children.

Suz said...

and it is all good

HKatz said...

Great photo! And I agree with the message - it really is important to make each moment worth it. Life is short.

Also, thanks again for doing the interview at my blog. People have been enjoying it :) I emailed it to some photographer friends too who loved your insights.

Roban said...

Sloane is adorable.... and this photograph seems to really capture who she is. I love it. My daughter drove herself to school this year for the first time. It's definitely bittersweet watching them grow up.

Marilyn said...

So true and really you wouldn't want it any other way. But there is that tug that says hold on, hug them, love them, and treasure every moment.

Jeanne said...

She is adorable. Thanks for sharing this post.............Big hugs
Much love

GraceGal said...

She is beautiful and I totally know how you feel.

spudballoo said...

Oh i'm a bit leaky eyed here. Sniff. Bertie, my eldest, turns 7 on September 11. I can't believe how fast the time has gone, though there have been times when it felt like every day was a week. I'm flagging a bit here, we've had 6 weeks of holidays (2.5 weeks to go!) and here in the UK children don't go away to summer camp, so it's just me and the boys and honestly it has felt hard at times (no thanks to 2 weeks house arrest thanks to chicken pox). But then I see things like this post and I'm reminded how short and fleeting these years are. My boys are growing fast, my influence and involvement in their lives is diminishing....how blessed we are xx

Lynn said...

Beautifully said. And a beautiful girl you have, as well. I might just need to go get a hanky...

Tracy said...

LOVELY photos Sloane... how much she has grown this year! Fifth grade already... How did that happen so fast?! ((HUGS)) to you sweet, momma. :o)

S. Etole said...

What a wonderful daughter you have. Blessings for her school year ... and yours.

Meri said...

That's a milestone, for sure.

Cathi said...

Beautiful! I definitely know that feeling too - my daughter is leaving for college in a few weeks and I have had a bit of an achy heart too. xxoo

Dorit said...

Beautiful Sloane! Know the feeling. Somedays I am afraid to blink, because when I open my eyes they will all be gone.

Connie said...

Beautiful photo! Good luck with the new school year for all of you!
Peace and Love, Connie

Jennifer Richardson said...

i feel the melancholy all the way
from here
and wrap my arms around you tender
and whisper it will be okay,
even as I know it aches
and will hurt more than words can say.
But there is beauty in the breaking
and your deeply beautiful girl
will fly so sweet and high and strong
on those vivid wings
you've helped to give her.
She is a beauty, Relyn!
Happy trails to all three of you
this year,

Georgianna said...

She looks so bright and confident, Relyn. She will have a brilliant year and so will you. Yes, one step further away but she'll always be with you.

Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend.


Lisa Gordon said...

Oh, I do remember these feelings.
The years go by all too quickly.

miruspeg said...

That is a lovely photo of Sloane.
The years go by very quickly but if we live in the moment we have some beautiful memories to collect.

Be well my friend and have a great school year.

Big hugs
Peggy ♥♥♥♥

Jeanie said...

She looks so very grown up! I think you two are growing, too.

Jaime said...

Look at how grown up she is!!!
Have I really been away that long?

What a gorgeous young lady. Seriously gorgeous.

Oldies, but Goodies