Monday, August 13, 2012

I am NOT giving up!

I am just postponing my blog redo.  
For the record, HTML is annoying, even with generous tutorials. 

I feel sheepish and a little silly about it, really.
That's what I get for making a big announcement that I am redoing my blog. 

When will I ever learn to just quietly go about my business?  
I seems I always have to do the big TA DA!   


I have been feverishly getting my classroom ready for tomorrow. 
Back to School Days are here again. 

I love it!  I love children with all their curiosity and wonder. 
I love their silliness and their ease at making friends. 

I love to prepare lessons that excite and engage.
I love new school supplies and even sharpening 100 pencils.

I love preparing my room, making everything perfect, 
and watching it come to life once the children fill it.

Happy Back to School, friends. 

The above is a picture I took of my new school.  


Jennifer Richardson said...

oh happy back to school
and especially back to US!!!
I missed you.
Hope this new school is
the high point of your
long and beautiful teaching
career, friend:)
love and Godspeed,

Anonymous said...

HTML can be a tricky monster. I wouldn't worry at all about not having the time right now to re-do the blog. Especially when you're having so much fun with your back to school activities. Templates can wait.

Debby said...

Good luck in your new school year. I Hope you get some great little ones. The redo can wait.

GraceGal said...

Love your honesty :) made me smile and feel better about all the times I have done the same.

What blessed students to have a teacher that loves what she does!

knitalatte said...

No worries, I'm sure you'll figure it all out and it will be fabulous!
School again already? How can that be, summer went by way too quickly. Enjoy your new school year.

Jeanne said...

Much love and blessings for another wonderful school year.
Love you

Suz said...

Can't wait to hear all the new stories about the new school...
lucky kids they have no idea yet
what they in store for....
and don't worry about the lead, we follow

Marilyn said...

Wish my children had teachers like you when they were young. You are the very best. Have a great first day!

Sweet Tea said...

You have a beautiful, nurturing, heart - a natural Teacher. I love that!

Scrappy Grams said...

Best wishes for a great school year! HTML, I don't even know it means so I avoid it like the plague. :)

Oh, I wish you'd get rid of word verification. I don't have it, haven't had it for a LONG while, and no problems so far.

Vincy Joseph said...

All the very best for another eventful year Relyn. You are a wonderful teacher and I am sure your students are real lucky.

Amy said...

Eeh, HTML! That's why I do Wordpress and templates all the way! :)

And I cannot believe it's back to school already! Here's hoping your new school becomes home, right from the start!

d smith kaich jones said...


i know . . .


Isa Lisboa said...

Happy Back to School, Relyn!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you posting again, and a very Happy Back to School to you. September is the true New Year in so many ways for me still.

I'll be happy to see your blog revamp when you're ready but in the meantime, I really love your blog the way it is!

Roban said...

I'm glad you're back! I've missed you. Happy back to school to you, too! We've been back since August 1 (with students). I enjoy it, too. I have a great student teacher this year, which has given me a chance to really observe what's happening in the room. I catch myself smiling as I watch them and see how enthusiastic they are. Students really do want to learn and succeed.

Lubna said...

Happy Back to School. Wish you the very best.

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