Saturday, November 3, 2012

inspired by Sloane

Well, I think I've done it.  I've managed to pass along the list writing compulsion to my daughter.  Today's wonderful list was created and inspired entirely by Sloane and a friend at school. The first 13 entries are theirs.  The rest, we came up with together.  

Things That Are Impossible To Enjoy
* eating or smelling a Durian (This is a fruit that smells like cat pee.) *
* watching someone enjoy eating school food * 
* someone stealing your last Oreo * 
* forgetting your homework * 
* eating school food * 
* writer's block *
* push ups*
* forgetting to set the timer when baking cookies * 
* Operation Red Jericho by Joshua Mowll* 
* your favorite shoes getting too small *
* having to run the mile in PE * 
* extra lit circle reading * 
* crybabies * 
* having your cell phone battery die in the middle of a conversation * 
* a flat tire on your way to an appointment *
 * cleaning the bathroom toilets *
* when your candidate loses *
* emptying the dishwasher * 
* computer crashes *
* being on hold * 
* running late *
*your parents being in China on your birthday*
* broken air-conditioning in August * 
* back-ordered Christmas gifts *
* breaking an heirloom * 
* undeliverable email * 
* missing lunch * 

Jeffrey took the picture of Sloane and I last weekend. I edited it this morning.  


Sarah said...

Great list and a lovely picture Relyn! I would add having wet, cold feet-you know when you go out in sandals expecting good weather but instead you get sudden cold rain. I would also add going to the dentist. I suppose it is almost alright as I like my dentist but it is impossible to actually enjoy it!
I chose the word snippets as my house, which is covered in cotton, yarn and fabric snippings, made me think of it!

Debby said...

Sweet picture and a great list. I agree with all of them.

Sweet Tea said...

Thanks for the smile - great List!
I guess you have inspired me, as I have two lists currently on my blog!

Dawn Castor said...

Aren't daughters the best! I love your lists. I love the list itself, I love the shapes you make and I love your picture with your daughter.

Claire said...

Great list! I have nightmares about Durian, I swear.

Jeanne said...

I love your postings
Love you

Jenny Woolf said...

Ahhh it's a long time since my favourite shoes got too small but I do remember clearly that happening when I was 5. I was heartbroken.

Mac n' Janet said...

Great list, may I add "Watching someone eat snails", snails terrify me and I can't imagine eating one.

Jennifer Richardson said...

you know, you are the one
who inspired me to love lists,
nice ones, Sloan:)

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh! and you two are just
adorable together:):):)
beauties, both.

Jeanne said...

Always have loved seeing these amazing lists, and how great is it that Sloane is getting the hang of this too. I can hardly believe she is growing up this much, and think that she is lovely. also, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Hope that you are having a lovely weekend!

Amy said...

So true.

Hausfrau said...

How cute is this?! And I totally agree about durian!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful photo, beautiful you and Sloane. Love the list too!

Dee said...


Oldies, but Goodies