Monday, April 1, 2013

Personal Passions

It's spring and my thoughts turn to passion.
I am woman who is drawn to passionate people.
I love learning about what makes your hearts beat faster.
I also love introducing friends to each other. 
I hope you'll join us.  
I hope you'll think about the things that make you smile;
the things that you would do whether or not anyone ever paid you.
I hope you'll visit all month and share your own passions with us.
Happy spring, friends.


Anonymous said...

Happy April, Relyn! This is a great topic. My passions at the moment would be: my family, my garden and the outdoors generally, the pleasure of keeping my home *fairly* tidy, playing with my cat, knitting - not just making things but the fun of reading knitting magazines and looking at patterns on Ravelry. I'm also passionate about keeping in touch with family and friends, and I love going to church and being with my church family. Music, singing, just trying to tap into the joy that is there to be expressed if I can remember to look at life the right way. (Oh and did I mention answering questions and making lists?!) x

GraceGal said...

Great post and food for thought.

S. Etole said...

Even in the fading you captured its beauty.

amelia said...

I'm looking forward to it . . .

And Happy spring to you!

Kyra said...

Happy spring, let the new energy of spring fill u with new creative energy.

Jaime said...

I love that you do this every spring.
It's so interesting to see what makes people passionate.
You fuel the inspiration in our hearts. xo

Marilyn said...

I am looking forward to it.

Roban said...

This is a great topic and series. I can't wait to see the posts!

Lisa Gordon said...

This is a wonderful topic, Relyn, and I look so forward to seeing April unfold here!

alexa said...

What a glorious photo :). And I am sure the rest of your April posts are going to be equally inspiring!

Jennifer Richardson said...

your passion always stirs mine, relyn.
i'm just so glad that you ARE.

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