Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Morning Poetry


I watch how other things travel
to get an idea how I might move.
A cloud sweeps by silently,
gathering other clouds.
A doodlebug curls in his effort to get there.
A horse snorts before stepping forward.
A caterpillar inches across the kitchen floor.
When I carry him outside on a leaf,
I imagine someone doing that to me.
Would I scream?
In the heart of the day
nothing moves.
No one is going anywhere
or coming back.
The blue glass on the table
lets light pass through.
Something shines
but nothing moves.
I watch that too.

~ Naomi Shihab Nye


Sarah said...

A lovely poem to think about today Relyn thank you! Love your friend's Paris blog below too.

rachel awes said...

there is great wisdom in this poem.
+ tenderness. i am crazy about it.
thank you for sharing it, friend!
hmmm, how will i move today?, i wonder.

Kyra said...

Ah this is a wise one, lovely poem Relyn, thank u for sharing.

Dorit Hansen said...

Love visiting you sundays :) Thanks for being here!! <3

Suz said...

oh she is one of my favorites know your poets Relyn

Hindsfeet said...

I can't thank you enough for this share, Relyn....this spoke *volumes* to me.....


Jennifer Richardson said...

this makes me feel delicious sleepy,
like a toasty summer afternoon
in a hammock
with a ripe peach:)
thank you for sharing the riches
of who you are, Relyn,

alexa said...

So redolent of hot summer days ...lovely poem and photo ...

Roban said...

I love Nye's poetry, and this one is a favorite. You can almost feel the slowness of summer and the act of just being.

Tracy said...

LOVELY...*SIGH*... :o) ((HUGS))

Marilyn said...

I always enjoy your poems on Sunday.
Sundays are for "nothing moves", but the caterpillar is carried to safety on a leaf. Those are the days of a warm Spring day.

Bella Sinclair said...

Gorgeous photo! Look at the bands of greens and pinks and blues, and on top of it all, a glorious weaving of dark life. Like arms reaching into the sky. Beautiful! I would love to sit on a porch with some lemonade and just soak it in while the sunlight lasts.

And what a wonderful poem to complement the photo! Would I scream? Yes, I think I just might. I love the serenity in the imagery.

-- Paris in pictures in the post below. Fantastic!

LaTonya Baldwin said...

A great selection from a poet I love and admire. Thank you.

LaTonya Baldwin said...

A great selection from a poet I love and admire. Thank you.

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