Friday, May 31, 2013

twenty one years

I look at this picture and grin.  
There we are.  Look at us.  
Just babies.  

So young.  
And happy.  
And in love. 

It's been more than 23 years since this photo was taken in my college dorm room.  We don't look like that any more.  I don't decorate with old movie posters either.  I definitely don't wear sickly flowered dresses now.  I still hold him just like that though.  And he still has exactly that smile for me.  

We aren't young any more, and somehow, that's nearly unbelievable.  I remember being mildly insulted when we weren't included in our church's new young marrieds group.  Jeffrey laughed and told me that we had been married for eleven years and we really weren't newlyweds.  Oh.  Oh yeah.  

Those eleven years have since turned into twenty one.  So, ok, we aren't young anymore.  But, aside from our bodies, not much has changed.  

We still feel that young. 
We still live that hopeful.
We are still that happy and that much in love. 

God is so very good. 

I remember back when I was about 16 saying something like, "Ick.  Who would want to wake up to the same face for twenty years?  Booooring!"  Boy was I wrong, wrong, wrong.  The only thing I can think of that would be better than waking up to the same face for twenty years would be waking up to that face for 60 years or more.  That's my wish.  I want at least 60 years living, working, laughing, crying, praying, serving, loving - side by side with Jeffrey, my love.

God is so very, very good. 
Imagine giving me a man like him.
Jeffrey is such a man.

Let's grow old together, sweet boy.  It's a wonderful, wonderful life.


Nat said...

Aahhh... this is such a warm, lovely post :-) The love you share shines through...

Jeanne said...

What a beautiful post.
Love Jeanne

Tracy said...

Sooo, soooo SWEET! Happy Anniversary! Life is good, and there is so much love. :o) ((HUGS))

Mac n' Janet said...

Lovely post, and I know exactly what you mean. When i was a teenager I swore I'd never get married, yet at 18 I did marry and this year we'll have our 38th wedding anniversary and he is still the love of my life and my best friend.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely post. Congrats on your anniversary... and having the good sense to ditch the "sickly flowered dresses."

Anonymous said...

(I like the dress print! So vintage!) Sincerely, many congratulations to you both. Time has such a mysterious quality to it, like love. My husband and I recently celebrated 25 years of marriage and it seemed quite unbelievable because it still seems fresh and new. I wish you both many more years of shared happiness ahead. x

Marilyn said...

Happy Anniversary! I had to laugh at the dress comment. Life does go on and we grow and change, but isn't it wonderful to have some things constant in your life.

Anita said...

Love the picture. There is nothing like true love. Happy Anniversary!

Mrs. E said...

Happy Anniversary. Let's hear it for people who love for a lifetime!

Roban said...

This is such a sweet post, Relyn. You both look like you stepped out of a movie from back then.... Elmo's Fire or The Breakfast Club! He still has kind eyes (and twinkly I bet) and a sweet smile. You're both lucky!

P.S. Your movie poster and my check book have a lot in common. I had been out of checks for YEARS.... My husband got tired of me asking him to bring a check home, so he ordered some for me. While I loved the book and movie, I had my eye on some cute little owl checks instead of GWTW!

Kyra said...

May u have many many more such years filled with love together, a beautiful story u have and may it grow into a more wonderful one :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

you guys are such beautiful shiny people:) i love the way you love.
congratulations to you both make the world a better place
with your love.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I love this.... Happy anniversary.
xo jj

Simone said...

I feel the love all throughout this blog post. It is really a testament to say that after all this time, you both are so madly in love. I hope I will say the same with my J. Happy anniversary!!

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

Awww...came by to check on you and saw this. Your love comes through your words. I also have been with my husband since we were in college. We actually got married our junior year...way to young, but were in college in separate states and wanted to be together. Now, when I see the number of years we have been married...I am shocked, because in many ways I don't even feel as old as those years! Some of us get seems as if you have been blessed.

HKatz said...

This is so beautiful! I wish you guys decades and decades more of happiness together.

Also have to say that your daughter resembles you :)

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Oh my goodness, ya'll are so very cute. And I love that the poster in the corner says, Young Love! Happy Anniversary! Wishing you 60 more.
Xoxo, Kirsten

thyme Sarah said...

Rely, this was good to read right now at this moment. My college love and I are having a "not so good moment" today...some pouting (me) and some thick-headedness (him). So, this post reminded me so much of how we met in college and have some photos that look just like that one. Thank you and congratulations to you.

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