Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Week 9 of the Wednesday Lists, Part 2
Prompt: List your essentials

* love * gratitude * Jeffrey and Sloane * laughter * connection and community * physical affection * regular time alone * productivity * a clean and tidy home * singing learning * poetry * opportunities to serve * lots of water * my camera close friendships * something to read * a monthly retreat of silence * daily prayer time * art museums * time to pursue my passions * The Word * lists * music growth * writing * travel * creating beautiful, peaceful environments for my family and students * being a source of encouragement for others * down time with the people I love * my iPhone * long walks music * beauty * a house full of books * lipstick * time spent dreaming * goal setting * accountability * recycling * big jewelry * correctly spoken grammar * the wind on my face * journaling * long conversations with Jeffrey * time with my parents * glasses * sunglasses * mascara * chocolate *

It has been an interesting exercise to think about the things in my life I consider essential. What would you put on your list?


zooperson said...

It is a good thing to take stock of what is essential, I need to do it more often and focus on those things and let the rest go. Your list and mine are not that different--thank you for the lead.

S. Etole said...

Time outside and Coca cola! Much of my list would include what you have on yours.

Marilyn said...

Now this is one I will have to think about. Definitely a tidy house, but wish it were cleaner. Lists, creativity, family, books, music, wishing for more laughter.

Jeanne said...

Essentials to me are my family friends faith and counting my blessings each and every day.

Love your lists and love you
So glad your Mom is doing so well.
Much love


Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Love and family for me! But there are so many. Love your lists.

Jennifer Richardson said...

your list
is like a song
being sung:)

Tracy said...

NICE essentials, Relyn! On my list would be my hubby, family & friends. My paints & brushes, my needle & thread. :o) ((HUGS))

Roban said...

There are several things (a lot of things, actually) on your list that I would have to ditto. Lipgloss, camera, family... not necessarily in that order!

alexa said...

A number of those would be on mine too, and correct and grammatical speech or writing would be one of them too. I had better stop using so many exclamation marks! (Oops).

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