Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Things I Learned in May...

I had this great idea to post a list of things I learned in the previous month and pair it with my own favorite photo from that month.  Several people asked me if I could make a Mr. Linky so we could all participate.  I plan to get that set up for June's list.  Obviously, I got a little derailed last month. 

 God is in control.  Whether your loved one has cancer or not, God is in control.

Sitting in the hospital waiting room with a friend really is a gift.

Be the kind of friend who sends the card, makes the meal, offers help in tangible ways.

Mailing a card to the mother of your friend is perhaps the most thoughtful thing I've ever known.
The best way to respond to someone's fear is to hold their hand and walk with them through it.

You never know when it is your small kindness that will carry someone for a portion of their journey.
Call your mother!  Call your mother every day.  You never know when you might lose that chance for good.

I took that photo the day before Mom's surgery when we were at the top of the Arch. 


Dawn Castor said...

I've been a horrible blogger and blog reader lately--I prayed for your family today. Your mom is beautiful. the picture of you and your husband is sweet and I kinda like the icky floral dress.... :)

Marilyn said...

Thanks photo of your mom is just beautiful! She is beautiful!
A friend was diagnosed with cancer last week. I am taking her son to school tomorrow and my friend to a doctor's appointment. My time is now to step up to the plate and be there for my dear friend.

alexa said...

What a lovely photo and post! Will put the date of the linky list on my calendar :).

Jeanne said...

Beautiful my lovely friend...........
Your Mother is beautiful and so are you .

I am so glad she is doing well.
Love Jeanne

LaTonya Baldwin said...

Holding you and your mom in the light.

Kyra said...

U never know when your kindness may take someone through.......this is a very important lesson I learnt a while back, since then I follow this daily routine of -one good deed of the day, where I just try to help or do something for random stranger or those around me. It gives me such a happy feeling.

Anonymous said...

That is my very favourite of all your lists, Relyn. I'm so happy your mom's on the mend.

Jennifer Richardson said...

so much wisdom here...thank you.

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