Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Faves

  * Best Moment: Sloane, her best friend, Lauren, and I gave ourselves paraffin hand and foot treatments on Saturday. I rubbed thick lotion into the girls' feet and taught them how to dip and wrap their feet. After we finished I went into the living room to give them time to be alone. Sloane called me back in. Later, I started to leave again. She said, "Stay, Mommy." Me - "Ok. Why?" Sloane, "Because you're cool and smart and interesting and we like to be with you." I waited till later to cry - couldn't ruin the cool, after all. 

* Great Read: Hollywood Rides a Bike by Steven Rea

* Something to Make: a hair dryer storage solution 

* Images of the Week: We've Walked A Long Way Together by Lee Jeffries

* Anticipating: A mini-vacation with my parents next weekend.  We have a goal to visit every presidential library and state capitol.  We're visiting President Eisenhower in Kansas this time. 

* A Song: When Stars Go Blue by the Coors and a surprise guest

* Quote of the Week: "What you share with the world is what it keeps of you." ~ author unknown 

BLOGspiration: Jen Hatmaker

* Film Fancies: I Have Never Loved Someone by Leigh Reyes

* Lesson I don't want to forget: My twenty fifth high school reunion was a few weeks ago. I wasn't able to attend because it was in Chattanooga and school started the next day. During that time period my best friend from high school and I got back in touch. We talked and laughed on the phone for over an hour. Her mother said, "Hearing you in there laughing and talking on the phone to Relyn makes me think you're still a teenager." Yes, exactly. Though it wasn't this past week, it is a lesson I want to remember: hang tight to your old friends. Make time in your life for far-away friends. Those people hold your own past in their memories.

* Another TED: How to stop a bully

  * Eye Candy: Hilda's Inspiration

* Terrific Tip: I call this my One Minute Miracle with thanks to Gretchen Rubin for the idea. Any time I encounter a small chore that can be done in one minute or less, I go ahead and do it right that moment.  Mess attracts more mess, you know.  What a lot of tidying this has saved me.

* PINspiration: Craft and Office Space by sweet dreams & pretty things

* In Case You Missed It: When Thelma Met Louise

Happy weekend, friends. 

It's the last gasp of summer around here.  The pools will be closing soon.


S. Etole said...

Sloane's comment ... priceless.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go to all the Presidential Libraries. I figured I was the only one who'd think that'd be cool-- and then I find out that you are living my dream!

Also, ditto what S. Etole said: priceless.

Marilyn said...

Love that Sloane wants you with her and thinks you are cool.
Gorgeous eye candy by Hilda.
Yes, I figured out the tidy thing long ago, but wish my son and husband figured it out too.
Love that you laughed with an old friend. What a treasure.

Marilyn said...

Oh forgot, Truman has a home to visit in Kansas too.

Jaime said...

That Sloane... such a honey pie. That girl is so full of love.

Hilda's inspiration book was indeed eye candy, holy doodle... but that black and white image of the elderly couple? That took my breath away.

Tracy said...

You Best Moment with Sloane and your Lesson not to forget... sweet, oh, so sweet! :o) ((HUGS))

Mac n' Janet said...

Always enjoy your Friday Favs, Sloane sounds incredible, you're a very lucky Mom.

Anita said...

Always love reading your Friday Faves. I always learn something. Your daughter is right... You are a cool person.

alexa said...

I felt a lump in my throat at Sloane's lovely remark :). Hold on to that one through the years to come - it will sustain you!

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