Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Morning Poetry

On this day you would find
a soft package of stars
wrapped in sky, a ribboned tie
made of cloud, and a piece
of joy for your heart,
and they would fit perfectly
in the palm of your small hand;
but because I am simply your grand
(mother) and not capable of magic,
you will find toy teapots, blue marbles,
chocolate bells and sugared trees –
baby dolls and spy pens.
But I will find a way (don’t ever doubt)
to hide keys that open treasures;
you will find them scattered, like crumbs,
even when you are alone. Especially
when you are alone. I give you these
because I can, because I will, and that is why.
Because I do not own the stars.
And they were out of sky.
                © 2011 Rebecca Kai Dotlich. 


Jeanne said...

Beautiful poem and I love your Friday Faves too.


Have a Soulful Sunday

Love Jeanne♥

S. Etole said...

Wonderful poem and photo.

joyce said...

great poem!!!

alexa said...

How lovely - I have never come across this before...

Marilyn said...

Oh this poem with a "soft packet of stars" makes my heart happy. I can just picture tucking that packet into my pocket and peeking inside every few minutes just for a smile.

amelia said...

Oh, this poem . . .

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