Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Morning Poetry

White Towels

I have been studying the difference
between solitude and loneliness,
telling the story of my life
to the clean white towels taken warm from the dryer.
I carry them through the house
as though they were my children
asleep in my arms.

~ Richard Jones


Catherine Miklos said...

I love when words evoke a sensory response. Upon reading this, I could imagine the heat of the warm towels, and the heft of them in my arms. Contentment is the word that comes to mind.

Jeanie said...

So simple and simply beautiful.

Suz said...


Marilyn said...

Love the image of soft white towels being carried through the house. My favorite color of linens. There is something so welcoming there in the white.

Sandy K. said...

Perfect - and I know exactly what these words sound like, feel like, smell like. LOVE warm towels fresh from the dryer!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I can smell those towels....what beautiful wordsmithing:)
Thanks for sharing the heart picture,

GraceGal said...

This is beautiful. Great imagery.

cristie said...

love. xox

alexa said...

Super photo for the poem - and I too can feel those towels on my skin ..

Kyra said...

Beautiful. Few lines and yet they move you.

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