Thursday, November 28, 2013

On Thanksgiving

The meal is finished, and we're all deliciously full.  The kitchen isn't clean yet, but we all wanted to take some time to count our blessings.  It's a tradition with Team Lawson to have everyone who joins us for Thanksgiving help write a Thanksgiving post.  As we list our blessings, know that I count you, my readers, among them.  I pray you will always have a grateful heart.  I pray you will know how very much you are loved. 

a list of gratitude
* cupcakes * music * sugar * in-laws * Arlen's health * pumpkin pie * to be alive after a cancer scare * Arlen's healthy year * a Savior  and Lord of our lives * being in Missouri with my family * cooking * Athena does not have cystic fibrosis * books * magazines * the ocean * vacations * seeing my sister * my wife's faithfulness, her integrity, her service to her family * God's unmerited grace that extends to all of us * new kitchen counters * my students * garage door fixer people * Jamie Grace * small group * Lauren * friends who save us seats at church * my job * looping with my students this year * the Lord is gracious enough to use us even when we get older * it is a privilege to serve * grandparents * growing friendships * being overly full * Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey! * yummy dinner * family of God * our family in Talequah * our beautiful dogs * nieces * Alex * cucumbers * excellent physicians * the Cup Song * new friends * travel * horses * grandson * baking * fun Christmas plans * books * Gregory Austin Kimberling * Sloane's turkey and Marisa's deer * our cars just keep on rolling even past 200,00 miles * my camera * my iPhone * blogging * lots of photo shoots * the chance to cook with Sloane * tabouli * America * veterans * daughters-in-law * iPod and good headphones * Diaper Doo * magazines * brothers * doctors who pray with their patients * my family and that they are serving the Lord or reaching out to Him * youth group * a church to be proud of * Christmas * Pandora * makeovers * straighteners * Sloane's sweet spirit * no matter how many times you read it, the Word is always fresh * Jeffrey's guys group * Bass Pro Shop * parents * turkey * the answer is in Jesus * good jewelry * Sloane is open to new experiences * clarinet * marshmallows * Dale and Ethel could come and we could all visit again * podcast * audio-books * Eragon * iTunes radio * good health * my new streamlight flashlight * my principal * Crystal Bridges Art Museum * purple sleeping bags * Pinterest * Julie Blackmon exhibit * Daniel Woodrell and other wonderful authors * Clumsy Ninja app * the fact that we live near so many wonderful art museums * Indian food * tomatoes * my vintage goblets * glitter * pedicures * voting * GoodReads * Merrell boots * books, books, books * reading * quotes * good knives * pretty table settings * gel pens * presidential biographies * nail polish * theater * Alex and her family * Winterjam * fuzzy socks * good books * make up * swim team * good swimsuits * cute clothes * comfortable shoes * kisses and hugs * my students * cards in the mail * flowers * Glen, the janitor * friends * potlucks * C-pap machine * love, oh love *

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Happy Thanksgiving day and weekend, Relyn! Much love and big hugs to you!
Xoxox, Kirsten

Tracy said...

So much to be thankful for! Hope you all had a lovely day full of blessings, happiness and pumpkin pie! :o) ((HUGS))

paris parfait said...

So many things for which to be thankful! Wishing you and yours the happiest of Thanksgiving holidays. Keep shining your light, dear Relyn! x

Jenny Woolf said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog, Relyn. One of those comments that makes blogging worthwhile! I am so glad your Thanksgiving was lovely.

Jennifer Richardson said...

So much rich sweet goodness....I love doing life alongside of you:)
Thanks for being the gift
that you are,

Suz said...

I know you by your lists
and I love what I see
and I love that you love the Lord
proudly said...

And I am so thankful for my dear family of friends! Love you all!!! Thinking of you this weekend fondly and with love!!!

alexa said...

Thank you so much for your lovely, heart warming message and I am glad to be able to share in a little of your life too :).

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