Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Faves

* Quote of the Week: "An active imagination is the Fountain of Youth." ~ Joe Baraban

* Something to Buy: We have the Pride and Prejudice.  I want to add Peter Pan.

* Some Things to Make: Tickle the Imagination's Christmas Wishes

* Images of the Week: The art of Kumi Yamashita

* Learn Something: Cups + amazing harmony = big fun (personally, I can rock the cups)

* Great Read: School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister

* Terrific Tip: Need a pen loop in your journal?

* A Song: "Annie's Song" by John Denver

* Anticipating: A second Thanksgiving with Jeffrey's extended family.

* PINspiration: Vintage Photographs by Jeanette Stone

  * To Make You Smile: 20 Things We Should Say More Often

* In Case You Missed It: Celebrating the Senses

* Some Things I Love: Walgreens aloe lotion, my Madison Coach purse, fresh sheets on the bed, having lots of company in the house, the way Sloane has become such a good baker, Pinterest, pretty tablecloths, a clean kitchen, cloth napkins at every meal, All Clear brand laundry soap, handmade greeting cards, Moleskine notebooks


Jeanne said...

I love your Friday postings
Do you happen to have the link to the 10 things people should say more often.


Love Jeanne

Lisa Gordon said...

I always love your Friday Faves, Relyn.
Kumi Yamashita's artwork is amazing!
Thank you so much for sharing here.

alexa said...

A lovely list and I've been peeking at the links (though couldn't find the one for 10 things?) - Issu is a lovely magazine!

Mac n' Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog, we've been away to spend Thanksgiving with our daughter.
Always look forward to your Friday post.
Annie's Song has always been a favorite of mine, love to play it on the piano.

amelia said...

Speaking of John Denver--every time I listen to John Denver and the Muppets Christmas I get teary. It's sad, on multiple levels. :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Your lists give me such a look
into beautiful places
....thank you!

Marilyn said...

You notice the most fun things to love and enjoy! They just make me smile to read about. Oh yes, fresh sheets on the bed, a favorite of mine.

Jaime said...

You find the most interesting things around the web... Kumi.... it astounds me how creative people can be, and how incredibly talented!

And those vintage photographs... fascinating!

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