Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Secrets of Adulthood

I have mentioned Gretchen Rubin's book The Happiness Project before.  That book inspired this list.  The idea behind Secrets of Adulthood is that they are lessons you can't fully know or appreciate till you are an adult.  As I read her list, I had to write one of my own.  Of course I did.  

* If you have a budget and stick to it, you will have more money than you have ever had.
Take extremely good care of your vehicle, your teeth, and your money.
Each choice you make can impact the rest of your life.  We don't have time to think about every choice, so it is vital to form good habits.
Take care of your character and your reputation will take care of itself.
Do hard things.
Be brave.
Be passionate, but remember that not everyone will share those passions.
Invest in a good mattress, good pillows, and great sheets.
Call your parents at least once a week.
Education is more than grades, it's a way of life.
Learn to cook at least five different, excellent meals and keep all those ingredients at the ready.
Always have plenty of toilet paper, Advil, and tampons on hand.
Whenever you can, take the scenic route.
Always ride the ferry.
You may often regret what you say, but will rarely regret what you do.
Laugh every day.

What about you, friends?  What are you Secrets of Adulthood?

These amazing rocks are from Glacier National Park. 


alexa said...

A great list - and I would add 'Only buy comfortable shoes'!

Jeanne said...

A great list
Love all you share

Mac n' Janet said...

Love this list! I would add that a clean house is important, but a comfortable home is more important
And read, read, read it will bring the world to you

Jeanie said...

I love this post! Your lists are always the best.My secret to adulthood -- smile even when you don't particularly want to -- for as Anna sang in the King and I about whistling a happy tune, "When I fool the people I fear, I fool myself as well!"

Marilyn said...

Can I adopt your list. Yes, laugh every day, something I easily forget. Love a good mattress, good pillow, and amazing sheets. I need to plan 5 different meals, that one stymies me often. Education is for a lifetime for sure. May I add, get enough sleep each night.

Jeanne said...

Kindness is the highest form of wisdom.

Love your lists and love you


Lara said...

This is a great list! I especially like the one about learning to cook 5 meals and always keeping those ingredients on hand. Excellent advice. :)

I'm so happy that you're NaBloPoMo-ing, too! I'll be back!

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