Monday, November 4, 2013

the heaven in my every day

Many parents quit reading to their children after first grade.  What they don't realize is that there really is no replacement for read aloud.  Reading aloud provides together time, time to talk about books, time for children to view their parents as readers, and to begin to view themselves as readers.  My daughter is 12 and our family still has regular read aloud time.  In fact, Jeffrey and I had regular read alouds even before Sloane was born. 

In the classroom, read aloud is my favorite time of the day by far.  It's the one thing we never miss.  We all pile up on the sofa and carpet in my classroom.  I have huge oversized stuffies and big pillows - enough for everyone to be comfortable.  We lay there (I sit) all entertwined and I take them on all sorts of adventures with only the power of my voice.  We read fiction, nonfiction, poetry, newspapers, mysteries, biographies, fairy tales; we read it all. 

Heaven - 20 mintues of pure heaven in my day. 

The image above is the awesome bag I got at Beach Books in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  Isn't it perfect?


alexa said...

You have a sofa and a carpet in your classroom? Oh my! Yes, bring read to is lovely. My DH read me Winnie The Pooh when I was poorly once :).

Suz said...

I so agree
When I'm cleaning off the bookcase sometimes I tarry awhile with a children's book, fall to the floor and read it aloud to myself
just saying

Sandy K. said...

I don't believe I was ever read to, and I made a point to read to my own children a lot. It's so rewarding to see my children now read to THEIR children:). When I was teaching middle school I always had a read-aloud time each week. Hearing language read is so important, I think. Thank you for posting this reminder!

Marilyn said...

I think I must visit that book store soon, it has been way too long. I so agree with the reading. Our grandson is beginning to love books and brings them to us to read. Our first sleep over was last night and in the middle of the night when he could sleep I sat him in his bed and gave him a book. He chattered away and turned the pages reading the book. It is a precious new memory.

Roban said...

Twenty minutes. That sounds wonderful, Relyn. We just seem to rush, rush, rush from one task to another. No time to enjoy or savor a word it seems.

Jeanne said...

Fabulous indeed.
Much love and please continue to post every day I love them.

The company of a good book. How wonderful.

amelia said...

My seventh grade English teacher was a favorite--by the whole class. And she had the audacity to read TEENAGERS children's books every Friday afternoon. She taught us you should never been too old for children's books or reading aloud.

Mac n' Janet said...

Always read to my class too, my favorite time of day. Mac read to our daughter for many years, it was their time together. Now before we go to sleep at night he tells me a story from whatever book he's reading, it's my bedtime story.

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