Monday, December 2, 2013

Minimum Daily Requirements

I've been thinking about priorities lately.  Jennifer Louden recommends sitting down and thinking about your personal minimum daily requirements.  I'm not actually sure about her whole theory since I was only skimming the book, but she got me thinking.  The list that follows is what I consider my own minimum daily requirements.

Recipe for a Happy Life
Ingredients for a good day:

  • count my blessings and offer thanks
  • have a personal prayer time
  • spend time reading the Bible 
  • sing
  • smile
  • thank someone or give a compliment
  • listen to music
  • get in touch with a friend and offer encouragement (Facebook, email, text, phone - whatever)
  • call my parents
  • learn something
  • read for pleasure
  • write in one of my journals
  • forgive offenses
  • let go of annoyances
  • play with the dogs
  • notice beauty
  • kiss and hug Jeffrey and Sloane
  • hug and say, "I love you." to students, friends, and family
  • end the day with family prayer time
Mix well.  Add same ingredients daily.  Add spice to the mix with a variety of adventures and encounters and a few long walks.  Serving size: one happy life.


beth said...

i love the "mix well" at the end!!

i have been more grateful this year lately for some reason....not that i wasn't in the past, but just more....if that makes sense.


Mac n' Janet said...

Good list. Taking the time to be thoughtful, to think of others, to send prayers, to let our loved ones know that they are loved, to find time for music, my own and that of others, to enjoy each day and not worry too much about tomorrow, to be happy in the moment, to carry warm memories with me of those I've lost.

Suz said...

I would add
"I am a beautiful woman"

Jeanne said...

Great list.
Love all you share
Love Jeanne

alexa said...

A really interesting post! Your list is full of wisdom and generosity ...

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

It is a great list, I wish I could say that I did all those things daily. I should. Thanks for the recent visits, sometimes it is hard to keep up in real life...blogging is always what I give up when things get to be too much. I hope all is well with you!

Marilyn said...

Another wonderful list. Yes, definitely mix in all that is here for one happy life.

Cindy said...

Relyn what a beautiful post, mix well is something I need to work always remind me of priorities in life. thank you, glad you are well, think of you often. hugs.

Anita said...

Beautiful! I love your recipe for a happy life.

amelia said...

That recipe has been passed down in my family as well . . . though I'm still perfecting my technique. :)

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