Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Poetry

We are trees

our roots
with the roots
of other trees
our branches
with desire
of touching
other branches

~ Francisco X. Alarcón

Alarcón is a poet, editor, and critic who writes in both English and Spanish. His most recent publication, Body in Flames/ Cuerpo en Ilamas, is a bilingual collection of poems published in 1990. 


Angel Blue said...

Love the picture and nice poem.

Jeanne said...

Friendship is a sheltering tree thanks for the lovely verse and photograph. Have a soulful Sunday
Love Jeanne

alexa said...

Beautiful photo, and I have enjoyed networking our roots and touching out to reach your branches today :).

Suz said...

it's all in the touching
wonderful poem

Lisa Gordon said...

Much like people!
This is wonderful, Relyn.

amelia said...

Love the poem and love that photo! The older I get the more I'm taken with bare branches . . .

Catherine Miklos said...

So very true!

Marilyn said...

Oh yes, the mighty tree.
I am loving trees this year
and your words shared and
photo too are glorious.

Oldies, but Goodies