Wednesday, October 29, 2014

57 Kinds of Awesome, part 2

an new picture of Sloane, and my newest favorite

No matter what is going on in my life, if I count my blessings, "It's all good."    

57 Kinds of Awesome, part two
12.   Moms that cry when they see my photos of their children
13.   shopping Pinterest for teaching ideas
14.   seeing my nieces this weekend
15.    sweet, beautiful Sloane and the way she shrugs off life's annoyances
16.    getting things done
17.    a good night's sleep
18.   a new plummy red lipstick
19.   paying for Pandora - no ads, ever
20.  the giddiness children feel at leaf pile jumping
21.   surprise sunflowers that pop up in the yard 
22.  the way Jeffrey always keeps my bird feeder filled
23.  small group every Tuesday night


Suz said...

He keeps your birdfeeders filled!?
I'd keep him

Debby said...

Great list. I need to do this right now since things haven't been going well lately. It's almost like a list of blessings,
You have some really nice ones.

S. Etole said...

That is such a beautiful photo and your list a blessing.

Mocadeaux said...

The way you feel about Pandora is exactly how I feel about Words With Friends - the best $1.99 I have EVER spent!

Marilyn said...

Surprise sunflowers, a full bird feeder, swooning over a Tuesday night group, and leaf pile jumping, these are just perfection. I once found a pile of leaves at the college near us and told the college boy I wanted to jump in it. He was shocked that I would want to jump in the compost pile. He had no imagination.

Lisa Gordon said...

I so enjoyed reading these, Relyn, and your photograph of Sloane is just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lists and beautiful photographs. I had never heard of Pandora Radio or Words with Friends before reading these comments - now I know! I don't think Pandora Radio is outside of the UK though?

Anyway, it's always interesting to read other people's blessings, because it shows me that it's all about how we see things and what we choose to focus on. Blessings to you, Relyn.

Jeanne said...

have not stopped in for a long time, but thought of you when I was looking at comments in one of the artful blogging post blogs, and there was your name. My goodness , how Sloane has grown. Such a lovely young lady! Hope you are well! Happy Fall to you

Anita said...

Sloane is a true beauty. She has great parents.

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