Monday, October 27, 2014

57 Kinds of Awesome

an old picture of Sloane, and my favorite

I have to confess, I don't feel especially awesome today.  I woke up counting all the things I had not accomplished this weekend that I needed to.  I began my day feeling slightly panicked at how behind I already was and it wasn't even 6:00 a.m. yet.

Well, I have a few no-fail habits for times like this.  The first thing I do is spend time in prayer and commit my time and my priorities to the Lord.  I spent my getting ready time singing worship songs instead of running around frantically trying to get another thing done.  Then, I did what I always do when the going gets tough - I began to count my blessings.  57 was the random number that popped into my head, so I present you with a new list...

57 Kinds of Awesome, part one

  1. The sunrise for about two weeks now has been completely awe inspiring.  
  2. Friends who really know me and love me anyway
  3. I have a little boy in my class who brings me a flower from his mother's garden every time the current one fades. 
  4. I love my job, even when there is too much to do. 
  5. I serve a Father who cares deeply when I am overwhelmed and tired.  When I feel that way, He has promised to let me soar like the eagles if I simply rest in Him.  (Isaiah 40:31)
  6. I have so many photoshoots this autumn that I am well on my way to the new camera I've been saving for.
  7. Sloane turns 13 in two weeks. I am so excited about the surprises we have planned for her!
  8. Music
  9. Understanding, helpful friends
  10. These oh-so-amazing leaves!
  11. The bone deep knowledge that God is faithful.


Suz said...

Sloane's picture is so precious
beautiful girl..I can't believe she is only 13...
taking time to count the many blessings it
The flower boy touched my heart
I send him a blessing

A Cuban In London said...

A very nice post indeed. Sorry to read about your woes. I wake up every morning thinking of a different reason to feel satisfied with what I have. I never fail to have enough. :-)

Greetings from London. said...

Great post. I love how sometimes just stopping to look at the ordinary things in life can fill us with awe...particularly when we're going through big changes or tough times.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the reminder to pause and have a talk with God. I can't wait to read the whole 57.

Lisa Gordon said...

What a precious face this is, Relyn!

Jeanne said...

I love that picture of Sloane and I cannot believe she will soon be 13.
I love your postings

amelia said...

I love this. Sigh.

Jeanne said...

Yes what a calming way to start the day in committing your day to the Lord. Things just fall together when you do this!

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